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Berlin Walleye

Discussion in 'Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by TritonBill, Nov 1, 2004.

  1. The walleye are still biting at Berlin. We only got 3 keepers yesterday but I'm not complaining! ;) Also the crappie are mixed in with the walleye. Same pattern they've been on all fall so far, Vib-e's on points, breaklines, etc... Just look for the boats and you'll prob catch a few. I normally don't like fishing the crowds though and we still manage to catch some in other spots. Found a real good crappie spot, lost 3 vib-e's to it (even with my plug knocker). Same spot though the electronics were lit up and we did catch 2 keeper eyes on that spot right off a point. There is some good submerged brush/structure down there. Someday I'll hit that spot up for some crappie.
  2. "J"


    How are the water levels and are any bass being caught? "J"

  3. Hi J,

    Water levels are normal for this time of year, "low"! haha. They are pretty much on par for this time of year. You can see the humps between 224 and railroad trussel very well. Lots of visible stumps, etc. Bass fishing has been pretty good at Berlin. Water temps were 51-52 Sunday. Crankbaits have been working fairly well.

    Talk to you later!