Berlin tommorrow

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  1. Thinking of hittin it Thursday afternoon to pull some harnesses till dark. Ill be mid-lake of the campgrounds by 4 trollin the points. After itll be jigs an crawlers. Keep ya posted.;)
  2. Hope it's on fire for you, Jig!

  3. Whaler

    Whaler Whaler

    What are you doing fishing in the daylight ? I thought you only fished at night ! LOL
  4. I did make it out of my hole for a few hours of day-light fishing. Waters 70 with the rain and green. Marked fish in 30fow south of 224 to the drops camping last month. Waters down 3 more feet and both islands are up with the third to rise in 2 feet. Never trolled that shallow but boat did fine!:confused: :p Got to love the 9.9. Anyhow pulled white and green harnesses till dusk with nibbles to show. Moved in on a point with a jig and crawler and picked up 4 perch and a few nice channels. Back out trolling in 10fow at dark and hit 2 eyes. Whats up with that! Bottom line is find humps in 20 fow and mark fish. Seems everytime I slow up and mark fish off the corner Im fishing, they BITE! Must of mised a half dozzen hits but jig by day in 15-20fow and troll at night. Tough lake for that. Good thing for GPS man! Also did some spot lighting and the white bass and crapps are at the surface over open water in less than 2feet. Bridge is full of them. Bass guys didnt do very well that I heard. Tourney every Thursday night.
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    Going today to try for some eyes. According to the resevoir report, the lake is down more than 7', either way, it's low and got to be careful. Looks like we're gonna hit a bunch of rain tho. Will post if we have any luck!!
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    snake69 Equal opportunity fishing

    Well, had a very wet trip. Fished from 8 am till 2 pm. It rained the entire time, and mostly a steady downpour! Between the 2 of us, we managed to pull 6 eyes, but only 2 keepers, a 19" and a 17". Pulled 3 or 4 perch, biggest was maybe 6" and littlest was about 2". A few cats, a coupla crappie and one lg mouth about 7". Looked like there was a bass tourney going on too, about 10 boats or so. Might just try it again tomorrow....:) By the way, the lake is waaaaaaaaaaaay down! (as if no one knew that already!!)
  7. Ya I was thinking of hitting it in the morning too. They say the rain is going to let up but...Another thing about Berlin. Seems when the lakes go down the fish bite. The first foot is Great but till they hit 6ft below pool its tough fishing. WB will be on fire come Nov.