Berlin today...

Discussion in 'Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by BIGDADDYDB, May 17, 2008.

  1. Got out with grandpa today we were one the water by about 8:30 and it was nasty out there. Hit about a 3lb catfish on the first dead fall and a few crappies here and there. We ended up way up a creek arm and found em shallow at the back 1-2 feet of water. Ended up catching about 15 or so, all released. We would have caught WAY more but gramps is a 3x a year fisherman and not quite as accurate as he used to be so I end up helping instead of actually fishing...I'll post my pics later

    Oh and one last thing....I hope whoever was watching me try to put my boat back on my trailer got a good laugh...I looked like a complete moron!!!!!! Honestly, I swear I've done it before!
  2. Hope you had a good time with your gramps! Even though you didn't actually fish, I'm sure your gramps had the time of his life hanging out with you. Don't worry about putting the boat on the trailer, (I wasn't at the lake, so it wasn't me) my father makes me back up the truck and do all the work, and I had no idea what I was doing. Thank Goodness we now have a dock, only gotta take it out once this year woohoo. Happy fishing all.

  3. I fished it Thurs. evening and the wind was just too strong. I didn't have my drift socks and tried short dragging an anchor but it was still too fast. Ended up hitting a cove and caught some little smallies, crappie and a nice channel cat but no eyes. Someone stole a half of tank of gas out of my truck and left me bone dry empty in the parking lot. Somehow I made it to a gas station. I was just a tad bit ticked off ;)