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  1. Is anybody going to be heading out to berlin today? It's gonna be a warm one!
  2. bassmastermjb

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    I had quite a few customers heading to Berlin this morning, must be something good happening over there.Call a couple on the cell around 11am and had mixed reports.The walleye are biting, but not as agressive as yesterday.The evening bite should be better.............Mark

  3. Thanks for the info Mark. I might try and make it out there this evening, hopefully there isn't too much slush out there on the ice haha.
  4. Anyone want to guess on how it will be tomorrow with this warm front??? I'm working the weekend and can'r get near water until tomorrow (Sunday) after 3pm.
  5. snake69

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    I know when I left Berlin on Sat, there was probably close to an inch of water. But on Friday, we still had 11" of ice! Of course this week is gonna put one heck of a hurtin' on it. Might be time to freshen up the boat....:p
  6. I've never seen snow and Ice disappear so fast. It's still early Feb. so we may still get another extended, hard freeze!
  7. Is the ice all melted at berlin?!
  8. snake69

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    Frog legs and the rest,
    I hope you're right on that freeze. It's still not looking good though. Some of the cold nights coming won't hurt, but....well, I don't know yet. Waiting to hear from some who have been up there scoping it out....:confused:
  9. If we get the rain they call for you might be wanting too get the boat out. We know how fast it can fill up. They call for thunderstorms for all tommorrow and night. Well see.
  10. I drove by Walborn and Deer Creek yesterday and they both had about 6 inches of slush before you hit hard ice. I wouldn't trust it right now. I'm mixed, as much as I like the ice, this hard winter certainly hit me in the pocket with a high gas bill.