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Berlin Today 06/30/07

Discussion in 'Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by Bowling Jim, Jun 30, 2007.

  1. Hi everyone I am new to this group and I hope this is the right place to post this. Well we took our new boat out to Berlin today. First time ever out at Berlin, and it will be my last time too. First off the water was so choppy I couldn't fish. Too many jerks out there cutting you off not paying any attention to the other boaters. Then I found some calmer water and I was getting my poles ready to fish and I feel the boat dragging on something. My wife says we are sitting on cement blocks. I look down and someone has put a dozen or so cement blocks in the water. I had to get out of the water and pull the boat off the blocks. I knew the water was pretty shallow but wow. From now on It's back to Portage lakes for me. I had a horrible time and my new boat has scratches all over the bottom of it. I did fish for a little while but I caught nothing.:mad:
  2. First, welcome to OGF.

    Second... Berlin can get NUTS with the pleasure boaters out there. Very busy lake, and not a "no wake" policy like Portage Lakes... Best fished early in the AM til 10 or so...or during the week.

    Third... There are nice walleye, crappie and cats in there, bass too, but you do, pretty much, need to keep one eye on the rods and one on the other folks on the water.

  3. Personally, Berlin is my favorite place to go. Lots of places to get out of the way. I don't really fish for walleyes there which I would assume stick mostly to the main body of the lake where all the boats are. I always fish the bays, coves, and creek arms and do pretty well on the bass and panfish. It does get nuts out there on the weekends, but the Mill Creek area is a good place with lots of room to anchor up for a swim and still have lots of fishing options. Where were you that you got caught on cement blocks?
  4. im thinking by cement blocks he prob ran into the old highway/road that runs through berlin when the waters shallow it can be pretty close to the top of the water in certain areas
  5. I was at Berlin today, too. Water was nice and calm, and actually fairly clear as far as Berlin goes, until the pleasure boaters and jet skiers showed up. They arrived around 10 am, so by 11 am the water was back to looking like chocolate milk. Thats about the time the fish shut off, too. Between 7:30 and 10:00, I landed 6 nice smallies, around a dozen 8-10 inch crappies with one 12 incher, a 15 inch channel cat, and a few bluegills. Between 10 and 11:30, I caught one small crappie.

    Most of the fish were caught along the 224 causeway, north and south sides. Night crawlers on the bottom caught half the smallies and the channel cat. Rooster tails and twister tails caught the rest.

    Berlin is probably my favorite lake, other than Lake Erie of course. Bowling Jim, I can understand why you would be frustrated your first time there. Don't give up on the lake though, it is definitely worth trying again. There are plenty of nice fish in there. Try going again during the week sometime, there will be less boat traffic and more space for you to fish.
  6. Bowing Jim, I would like to know were you were located when you seen the blocks as I do not want to hit them. Also caution if you go left out of Les,s and head towards the dam on the north west shore, water is 2 feet off the point and has a couple sand and gravel bars fairly far out from shore. Don't ask how I know, the prop will tell the story.
  7. Careful around the bridges trollin as the water goes down. Theres alot more than just bars to run a ground! Some of the electric spools and rocks are the size of a pick-up.
  8. I love fishing Berlin, fished it for years. I agree, there are some really rude pleasure boaters out there, but the fishing can be great.

  9. I've fished Berlin off and on for about 30 years. Lived near the Bonner road boat ramp in the 70s and really know the north side of the causway. However, you have to remember that in spite of the 69 miles of shoreline, the lake can and is dangerous when the water level is dropping and you are moving fast in your boat. Lots of fish but you have to really know where they are. The mill creek area is deep and goes back pretty far.

    If you really want to learn the lake, I think the corps of engineers still has available a survey of the lake ( 5 large sheets of paper) at a reasonable cost. It includes old roads, foundations, creeks and the complete topography.
  10. crooked stripe

    crooked stripe fishn and flyn

    I also have seen the piles of concrete block. It has been 2 years since I have fished the lake so I couldn't tell you just where they are. I remember saying if the speed boaters just knew what they where speeding over they would be more cautious. Berlin does have many shallow areas so I urge you to check the topo maps. John
  11. Bowling Jim, Those werent rocks, they were
    my old bowling balls I tossed for fish cover.
    Ha, see ya in the fall.

  12. I am not sure where we were since it was my first time at Berlin. I am going to get those maps and give it another try. I am off work in the summer on Wed. so maybe I will go out early to avoid all the traffic.