Berlin Thursday Nite Championship?...

Discussion in 'Tournament Discussion' started by Cull'in, Oct 15, 2007.

  1. Anyone know the date for sure, 10/27 or 10/28?
  2. its the 28th 8 am-4pm at dutch harbor

  3. also be prepared for a cook out after the wiegh in. mike polowski got us the club house not far from dutch harbor so we will do a trailered wiegh in from dutch harbor i suggest every one gets there that is qualified by 730 am as i will have a meetting and explain how we are going to do the wiegh in to the club house. it looks like 1st place will pay $1000 2nd $600 3rd $400 4th $200 5th $100 big bass $200 on a 16 boat field. 4th and 5th place is money from a sponcer and the $200 is from a sponcer. i wont put the sponcers here because i dont want to get this thread pulled lol. it also looks like we will have some local tv coverage of this event also i will post the date and channel as soon as i get that information. 1st thru 3rd place plus big bass will also get some very nice plages. i want to thank all the fishermen & ladies that fished this year as they did a stand up job in making this year a class act at berlin!! i want to thank rory franks for putting us on tommy & vic vatalaro wayne pattersons wife mike polowiski for thier help and kind words thru out this year.