Berlin Thur Nighters

Discussion in 'Tournament Discussion' started by Wayne Paterson, Jul 25, 2007.

  1. Mike called and asked me to post this change on the thur night tournaments, his pc is not working the way he wants it to. Starting this Thur we will be going out of Dutch Harbor ramp for the remainder of the season as the water is going down and the normal ramp is getting shallow. Mike has done very well and the field is really growing, take time to come out and meet Mike Slates, (our director) and I think you will see that he is doing a good job of it.
  2. what do you fish for? how much to enter? what time? any boat requiment?

  3. :) I put in to practice for the NOAA event at Dutch and kinda watched the Thurs event from a distance. Wish I would have fished! My 4lb wouldn't have stacked up against the 8 something to win but was a nice event. A big Thank You to the fellas who got me straight on the ramp. I had a cone in my mirror but the wrong one!! :eek: Nice event Mike and I'll see you at Lakes at Berlin.