Berlin Sunday

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  1. Hit the lake just after dawn with an empty live well and big plans. When I left at 2:00 my livewell was still empty and my plans included a nap. The bite was very slow all day for everyone I talked to. My buddy and I ended up with one eye each, both right at 14". Our mad fishing skills also produced 3 bluegill and one 8" shad. :p Marked plenty of fish and put stuff they normally like in their faces all day. We both missed some short strikes that we wanted do-overs on but they weren't following even at a snails pace.


    i was there too today and i also left with a empty live well. i couldnt find a walleye or crappie to save my life. maybe i should of went to the creek and caught me a creek chub instead. but then again there is always next weekend if the weather cooperates

  3. The eyes are very catchable right now and on any given day out there it can be dynamite fishing. Today just wasn't one of those days for us. We marked eyes all over the edges of the humps especially in 7 ft. all day long. Really hanging around the patches of cabbage thats popping up. Put everything we could think of right in their faces. crawlers and minnow jigs, vibees, spoons, floating jigheads, plain hooks, nadda. Two 14" eyes, 3 bluegill, one shad.
  4. i have no promblem catching crappies at berlin jigs only but i tried masquito on satarday and limeted out on waleye most 13" no big ones in that lake but they all eat the same. If you guys want to know how to catch them let me know there is a good way to catch them.
  5. Hit Berlin from about 7:30 am until about noon. I had to wait in line at Les's for bait. Doesn't anyone go to church anymore?????
    Anyway. I was able to catch about 28 keeper crappie and release about 5 smaller guys. Most fish hit between 4' and 8'. Used minnow and bare hook. Try to find brush or fallen trees near deep water. I caught most of mine in 20 feet of water with the fish suspended from 4'-8'

    Also, I'm and old fart with a failing memory but I remember lots more brush in that lake. Where did it go and why. Have water levels during the summer killed it? I just don't know and although its not going to change much, I would like to know what happened. I do know that about 25 years ago, there was a lot of pressure put on the corps of engineers to keep water levels high for pleasure boaters in late summer. The corps used to start dropping water levels from about 1024' to about 1020'-1022' shortly after the 4th of July. I wonder if keeping those levels at or neat 1024' until Labor Day has had an impact on the brush. I remember taking my kids and an old john boat into the bay near the Bonner road boat ramp in August and collecting lures, etc. from the willows. That has been almost 27 years ago and I still haven't had to buy a wire leader or sinker. Sorry for that trip down memory lane but I think that Berlin would benefit from more brush and structure.
  6. Tried wading for crappie sunday and it was real slow. Had been doing well until then. Three of us fishing had 5 keepers and maybee 10 other throwbacks. The ones we did catch were real shallow and REAL tight to the brush.

    It is interesting that you mentioned the lack of structure. We hit some different spots trying to find better fish and seemed some of our brush piles were missing. No willows in the one spot on bedell and one of my favorite trees at bonner was gone (looked like it may have washed up on shore). Just have to find some new spots.