Berlin Shore Fishing

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  1. Where are some good spots to shore fish around Berlin? I got my son interested in fishing and if I can find a couple places where he can catch some crappies or bass he will be hooked, no pun intended. Thanks in advance for any replies
  2. the rt 224 causeway has produced great numbers the past 2 times I was out there. Also caught a number of small mouth and cats all in the same area.

  3. Why not try the fishing dock at Mogadore on Rt 43? It's got crappie and bass plus gills and, who knows? It's convenient, easy to get kids on and a really pleasant place to fish. The causeway at Berlin, in my humble opionion, is NOT a good place to take kids til they are older and more experienced. Your decision I guess. Let me know which you went with and how you did.
  4. You could try the Price Street bridge at Berlin. Just take 224 west from Boardman to 225 south. Follow 225 south until you get to Price Street, right across from Barber's Airport. There is a parking lot and boat launch area just 20 yards or so from the bridge.

    This time of year, you can catch just about anything from the rocks around the bridge. There are plenty of crappies, sunfish, carp, and catfish. You'll also find some bass and walleyes. I don't know how young your son is, but if he's real young, just tie on a simple hook and bobber and bait the hook with a worm or minnow. He'll catch something. Good luck!
  5. I forgot to mention, if you follow Price Street a little farther (about a mile or so), you'll run into Deer Creek Reservoir. There is a nice little park where you can fish from shore or from a fishing pier. Plenty of crappies and sunfish. You'll get a few bonus bass and catfish, too. Minnows under a bobber seem to work best there, but worms will work, too. Have fun!
  6. thanks guys I will try these spots. My son is older(17), but a novice fisherman.