Berlin Report 4/5/08

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  1. Got out about 5pm and put in at Les's. Headed down lake towards 14 and picked up a few 8" to 10" crappie under 1st Bridge. Had to get off water before dark but causeway was packed. Maybe 10-12 boats no more then 30 yds from shore mostly on the Southeast side. A lot of people fishing on shore. Bait shop says things aren't that hot and most fish caught are being snagged. I'm not that type of fisherman so I didn't even want to see it happen. I wouldn't be able to keep my mouth shut so I stayed away. Most fish marked were suspended in water deeper then 30'. Causeway temp 41-42, next bridge south 47 degrees.
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  2. It's pretty normal to accidentally snag a fish or two during spawn with so many lines out there. Hopefully that's what they meant as apposed to people resorting to snagging on purpose. The rolling females are easy prey for idiots after dark in the shallows.



    i got skunked today at berlin tried the railroad bridge and the rt 14 bridge and didnt get athing.
  4. I went out to berlin caught 3 nice cat's and a lousy carp. But over all it was a good nite.
  5. I was out at berlin yesterday and caught 52 crappie, a smallmouth and a couple bluegill. Beautiful weather, couldn't of asked for a better day.