Berlin ramp open?

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  1. Does anyone know if I can launch at Lee's or Les's or whatever there off of 224? Has anyone been out on the water? Talk to me people. I'm dying over here. :p
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    Yes you can launch at Les's. I talked to Martha on Saturday, and she said it was OK. Call them before you arrive and she can tell you the procedure she uses when she's not open like in the summer. Their number is 330-584-6741 Of course, by now, the public ramp is useable. I was there on Easter Sunday, and there was alot of ice, but I'm certain it's gone by now or the good majority of it. But I prefer Les's, especially when there isn't alot of traffic in the public ramp parking lot, as I know my truck and trailer are much safer behind the gates. Plus, from her dock, you're 2 minutes from the causeway!!

  3. Thanks for the info. Looks like I'm heading there tomorrow weather permitting.
  4. Gotta wait till Wed. 40 mph gusts tomorrow. I'd need a parachute for a drift sock. Dang!
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    Anytime! Let us know how you do when you go! Gonna try to make it there or Milton come this weekend. I should be able to get the boat all ready on Wed.