berlin pike?

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  1. i read a thing on the division of wildlife website on pike in mosquito. according to them there r alot of pike in there and alot of big ones. they say they catch alot right after ice off. does anyone catch them then and if so what do u use and wheres a good spot to try? id love to catch a couple pike.
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    you are not far from the tuscawaras river, plenty of pike there.

  3. I've caught my share of pike in West Branch

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  4. mirrocraft mike

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    Don't know about numbers ,but i catch a few every year EARLY spring pounding the banks for eyes ..Throwing mostly jigs or blade baits .
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    I caught one trolling the north end just off the island with a chartreuse rapala deep runner
  6. Does anyone get some pike out of Berlin? Just wonder because of the warmer water and lack of weeds. Dont ever remember gettin one but I dont fish the bays much.