berlin or mesquito ?

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  1. taking the boat out sunday . anyone doing anygood at either ? looking to catch some eyes or maybe some crappies . and what you catching them on .thanks in advance
  2. Justin S

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    i dont know about berlin, but mosquito is very low and choked w/ weeds

  3. snake69

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    As you can tell by the following chart, Berlin is down over 5 ft and Mosquito is down at least 2 ft. I've heard of several people getting "grounded" at Berlin just last weekend. If you don't know the lake extremely well, be extra can be financially dangerous!!!
  4. Skeeters got more than any other. Should be ok trollin deeper water but alot of clumps floating around. Miltons still full and great for trollin. Pulled a few smallies and a small eye last night in 10ft. Berlin is weed free some what but if you dont know the lake beware.
  5. thanks everyon e. decided to just stick with the lake i new a little about . so we went to west branch. caught 200 crappies easily and one 36 inch musky while realing in a crappie! what a thrill that was .