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    Got a text today from a buddy who knows someone who got this walleye that had 1 head and 2 bodies. He claims ODNR says it has happened before and acted like it wasn't uncommon. now im not sure of the truth behind this as I've never heard or saw anything like this before. You berlin guys out there ever seen/heard of something like this?

    Again ... not my words just passing it along...


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  2. Happens out by the nuke plants often........Just kidding
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  3. Not sure how common this is, but I'd definitely be getting it mounted.
  4. I just googled that and NOTHING came up on it or anything even close fish wise.IMO,if it doesn't "GOOGLE" it does not exist. LOLLOLLOL Just my humble opinion.And if it's true then I definitely wouldn't put it on the dinner table.These winter months are getting rough.
  5. (Its a 15"" walleye with it's head stuck in the gill of a 22" walleye)
    LOL :D
  6. Lol someone got someone
  7. anything is possible at berlin. remember the old dump back at rt224@rt183 dumped a lot of stuff into the water system. I,m 71 theres a lot of guys that know nothing about that dump.
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  8. Whether human or animal, conjoined Siamese twins are not unheard of. 2 headed snakes and turtles pop up now and again and often make the news. You would think that such a thing would not survive to adulthood in the wild, but I guess it's possible. It would be cool if it is genuine and actually caught at Berlin, although my Spidey senses are calling BS. Here are a couple of pictures of a supposed Siamese Northern Pike that have made their way around the internet for quite some time now. The location it was caught seems to change as the story travels, but many Photoshop gurus claim that the pics have not been altered.
    The real question is, do they count as 1 or 2 fish against a daily limit?:confused:
    Siamese Pike.jpg Siamese Pike2.jpg
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    From another website

    I work in the brood department for a trout grower that produces ~20,000,000 lbs. of fish annually (processed) and has ~52,000,000 fish swimming in the water at any given time. We get some "Siamese" trout every now and then. It just happens. When you produce over 100,000,000 eggs/year you are bound to get a few. They do not last long after hatch if they manage to hatch at all. It is difficult to feed and orient in the water column properly. I have a very hard time believing that any set of conjoined fish could last that long in the wild to grow to this size.
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    Definitely global warming! Ask Al Gore.
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  12. Well the first thing that I saw was, there's almost a daily bag limit of nice size walleye on that table. With That being said most fishermen would know that they are not from Berlin. I honestly do not believe that there are too many fishermen that could say that they have caught five or six 19 to 22 inch Walleye out of Berlin in one trip, please don't quote me on that but I only know of a couple people that have done this.And one of those people was myself! (Just sayin)Anyway it is not as large as the two-headed one bodied walleye that my buddy pulled from the lake...? I guess I'm going to have to dig up that that pic. I'm headed to mosquito can't take it anymore. Good luck fishing to everyone!
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    Fake news.
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    does that count as 1 or 2 towards your limit?
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  15. Depends whether the smaller one is of legal length.
  16. who needs photo shop right ?
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    Theres a lot more people that get their limits out of berlin then you think...just cus u dont know them doesnt mean it doesnt happen.. Ive limited quite a few times this year there..along w about 4 other guys that i know. One day we had over 30 keepers..
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    The food they eat would have to feed 2 bodies with 2 sets of digestive tracts thus alternating food consumption in order for both bodies to thrive and grow. So they share then? (walleye1) It's your turn dude, next minnow is yours! (walleye2) Thanks but I prefer worms! cmon man!