Berlin Monster Bass

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  1. Someone called into the Tom Ericson show on WNIR (talk radio out of Akron) tonight and claims he caught a 9lb largemouth over the weekend at Berlin. He also claims he caught several other bass. Here's the kicker. He claims he caught them all on hot dogs! Tom Ericson also had a hard time believing it. The guy said he was going to email the pictures to Tom. I emailed Tom at WNIR and asked if he could send the pictures to me or make them public. Has anyone else heard this in the last couple of days? I find it hard to believe.
  2. Berlin holds some big bass. Sometimes the kids at the campgrounds kill the small gills but bass....

  3. i was in less's Monday night and i would have thought that it would have been the main topic of discussion but i have not heard anything about it and i live 200 yards from the lake
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    I find a hotdog to be irrisistable as well...did it have ketchup and mustard on it....haha:)
  5. I usually catch them on corndogs...but a hot dog?! Don't sound right to me.


    im with tyrus on that one i get them on corndogs too but not hotdogs. but u wont believe what i get on brauts though
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    Needless to say, just like with that guy out at Rockwell-there will be no pictures. Cynical?Yea.Realistic?You bet.
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    what guy at rockwell.?? i wanna hear the story
  9. Not to defend the guys claim but could there actually be a lure called a hotdog? It could have been a largemouth carp.
  10. were they pork or all beef..........or turkey dogs????

  11. Hotdogs work great for catfish are you sure the guy knows the difference.
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    My wife told me about that last night. I told her not to believe everything you hear or read on the internet. One thing I learned about fishing if you never know till you try it. Even then you will probably still not know.
  13. This is probably the most likly answer. I've seen a lot of guys fishing that don't know what they are catching so they just say its whatever fish name that they know.
  14. I've witnessed a person catch a 5lb bass from a weed bed using a piece of elbow macaroni under a bobber. (While I caught nothing with a weightless fluke)

    I've seen many channel cats caught on hot dog chunks "simmered and soaked" in sardine oil (my uncle's secret channel cat bait).

    He could have caught a large bass on a piece of hot dog, but he claims to have caught several other bass too. I don't know man. Sounds unlikely.
  15. 9 LB. bass out of Berlin on a hot dog...the s#%t is gettin' deep. Hope you all have your waders on.

    B - A - L - O - N - E - Y

    Good Fishin'

  16. Let's take the hot dog out of the equation here...does anyone believe that there's a 9lb bass swimming in Berlin?
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    It's a biiig lake....:confused:
  18. A couple of years ago there was a 10 pound largemounth caught in a tournament. It was caught by Larry Jones who sold Ranger Boats at Trade winds and Norton Marine. Larry was also the weigh master at the circuits they ran. They posted a picture in their circuit news letter " Bass Talk ". The fish was taken to Les's and they said it was the biggest they have seen come out of Berlin.

    As far as hot dogs go. I have seen Bass in my dads pond bite on hot dogs. During a party a young kid was fishing hot dog pieces under a bobber. Pond bass are differnt than lake bass but none the less it happened.

    Junkyard Bass was fishing my dads pond. He had a 5 pound plus bass staring him in the eye. He threw everything at it and it would not bite. I grab his lure and squeezed a hamburger bun around it and dropped it in the water. The bass hit it instantly and Junkyard had to fight it with four feet of line.
  19. bass love hotdogs and big pieces of plastic that resemble hotdogs.

    but seriously...they do. :)
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    i nailed a 7 lber on a "moondog" once..down at the coronation ball... maybe it was just a cat, fun story though...bacon is another great "channel bait".i got one 31" musk out of berlin 2 yrs ago trollin a leo...