berlin monday

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  1. was at berlin tonight with my son. not a thing. Couple bumps on the bottom couldn't tell if it was the bottom or fish, may have had a bite or two. Didn't see anything caught, there were several people there. Left right about dusk.

    Anybody else there have any luck or bites today.
  2. Just got back from berlin fished from 8-10:30 caught 3 jacks 17-20 inches and lost another one.The fish have really not even turned on yet i only saw 3 fish come up and roll.

  3. Are you guys wading and vertical jiggin VIBE's or throwing HJs and Floaters?
  4. went sun. night and mon. night. My buddy lost 2 and that was it. BE CAREFUL the odnr was out checking and measuring last night and he said he would be there for the next week or so. Last year fished next to a guy that got hammered by them. Seen him make a guy toss a fish back on accounta the size. Tried jiggin vibees and casting rapalas. Was fishing on the south side of the causeway and did not see any rollers or females bouncing the rocks.
  5. Be careful for what? Breaking the law?

    I think its good the DNR is out busting people.


    when u are doing stuff the legal way there is no need to BE CAREFUL now is there whether or not the odnr guys are out. all i am going to say is glad i dont have to BE CAREFUL because i fish the legal way and that is the only way to fish. and if u are in my boat and deceide to fish illegally the last time i checked swimming isnt crowded and it is a long ways to the shore line.
  7. i agree num i love to see them out . i have see way to many people breaking the law
  8. Agree! I also like to see any law enforcement. I agree that fishing illegal is not the way to go...
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    definitely nice to see them out but for some reason people of authority make others nervous even if they are not doing anything wrong...I think he was saying be carefull about the drinking not condoning anything ethically illegal... But using vibe-es on a shallow shoreline does seem questionable makes you wonder what exactly is going on...
    And they shouldn't of made someone toss back a fish on account of size without fining them everyone knows the size limits...thats b.s. they should fine someone doing something illegal... If they just make him toss it back what does that really teach him what a slap on the wrist...
    even though 90% of the money goes to court costs and 10% towards stocking, etc. That may be the real b.s.
  10. Thanks Dan. I did'nt say go fish illegaly. I just wanted to say they are there and checking on people. I could think of a few choice remarks right now but,,,. Kinda puts me in a defensive mode by the replys. Criticizim is good sometimes. But i would like to know why the dnr guys are buttheads till they see if you are legit? Why is it ok for them to be rude to you but not you to them? Maybe it's the badge thing, they have it and you dont. Maybe one of you hollier than thou guys can explain that to me cause i can'nt figure it out. Had this happen more than a couple times wile out trying to put in a day of fishing at quite a few different lakes. They allways seem to get the wrong people and not the right people. Thats how some people end up on death row from others assuming the wrong things. And i'm sure that no one on here has ever been let off from a speeding ticket with a warning either.
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    I have had them check me, but not check certain others within 20 yds of me that I know had illegal fish. Of course I didn't have any illegals, but he wanted to see my fish and my license, which I produced. This was at Berlin spillway.
    On another note, I will be at Berlin in my boat Sunday am and see if I can do any good. If nothing else, it'll be nice to take the boat out for the first time this year!! Probably launch out of Les's.
  12. Only once I can remember ever a DNR guy being a butthead. Every one of them I have encountered has been polite. You gotta understand, they are a very small number of them, and a whole lotta lakes, rivers, streams, woods, for them to watch. A lot of maybe their reaction to you is because maybe you are agitated that they are asking if you have a lic or checking your fish, or you give off a vibe that they shouldn't be checking you.
  13. DCross, I can understand your getting defensive. I was agreeing with the other commenters that fishing illegal should not be done. Sorry if you thought some of us were implying that you were encouraging fishing illegal. I don't know you from the man in the moon and wouldn't want to pass any judgement on you or anyone else. I've been checked several times while fishing and don't mind it. I think we all have been in positions where we have seen people fishing illegally and taking questionable numbers and sizes of fish. The problem is, you never know what kind of people you may come across these days so I just stay away from them and say nothing. I will say that I do fish armed (legally armed) and rarely leave home without being armed. I just try to avoid the guys that I know are doing questionable things.

    The DNR and Ranger guys have a tough job. I get more irratated when they want me to move my vehicle more than anything, oh well.....
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    Was at the causeway last night and it was packed. I noticed most people did not have lanterns or any lights when fishing?????? What is this about, am I missing something? At Mosquito, the whole causeway is lit up with lanterns. Also, what is the appropriate technique to fish the causeway at night, small cranks, jigs, vibee or live bait. Seems most were using artificial.

    Also, there were 4-5 boats anchored about 30-40 yards off the rocks.

    Anyone do any good?