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  1. Thinking of fishing bass tourny on berlin never fished it before wondering if anyone could tell me how the bite has been up there,not really asking for anyones secret spots just doing some homework,trying to get some recent history.any replies would be great thanks
  2. If you go read recent posts, the lake is soooo far down that boats are getting jacked up from sand bars and submergables that are not submerged anymore.

  3. Can you still launch at Bonner Rd.?
  4. i'm not big into the bass sceen but i fish berlin a lot. as noted below the lake is very low but i always see guys throwing i am assuming jigs and cranks out against the rock covered shore ie bridges and out by the cemetery thats about all i have for ya good luck if you do decide to do it
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    Yes, you can launch at the public ramp. Will be there at about 7:30 today to put in!