Berlin Ice Conditions

Discussion in 'Hard Water Discussions' started by 75slick, Feb 10, 2009.

  1. The shore is open water for about 40ft doesnt look good and just when the fishin was gettin good
  2. snake69

    snake69 Equal opportunity fishing

    40' already? Wow, no kiddin'? I knew it would melt off the ice, but didn't expect it that quick!!!

  3. tomb

    tomb Tom B.

    Berlin has some serious flow. One of the last to be safe, and first to melt.
  4. Its also known too be a HOT lake because of it. The zebras seem to be helping though.
  5. well the shorelines didn't melt THAT much! the level of the lake rose 3-5 feet... which just lifted the ice up!
  6. All the runoff really did a number on the water level. She is up past summer full pool. But the funny thing is a couple bays on the north end look shallow still. Tried under the causeway for a few but to no avail.
  7. Is it boatable yet Dave? Shouldnt be another week or so. Usually youll see the gulls hittin the shad that are running too the bays first.
  8. Still ice on it. Bout 4 or 5 days of good weather and she should be ready to go. The ice still on it looks weak. Can'nt wait till the eyeballs spawn in the night.