Berlin Gas Theft?

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  1. We put the boat in with about a half a tank in the truck around 5pm. Left the lake with the truck on empty at 10:30pm. State ramp North and West of 224. (Had the keys with us when we were fishing) Bummer....
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    Damn. That will cost about $70.00. I may have to go look for a locking gas cap now!

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    i baught a locking cap 3 weeks ago,my tank holds 28 gallons and i don't like to run it on the bottom half tank
  4. Is it just me or has it seemed like there has been a lot of talk about theft or vandalism at Berlin & West Branch lately. I've been going to Mosquito on the weekends and haven't had any problems.
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    Saw on one of the news shows a couple of weeks ago, where some folks are drilling through the tanks of some trucks to get diesel. Now that's really desparate to take that kind of chance. :confused:
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    Not trying to be a smart a%# here, but that is why I pay $3 and park at Les's. Good info, friendly people and a safe vehicle!!! To me, it's well worth the piece of mind and safe gas tank/safe vehicle! And yes, you can park late at night. Call them and they will tell you what to do....330-584-6741 And make sure you tell them Snake sent ya...;)

  7. ;) the ladies were not impressed!:p


  9. I had the very same thing happen at Berlin not 2 months ago! I also lost a half a tank. I never looked at my fuel guage until I was on 225 S. and about messed myself! It was below the empty line. I looked in my side mirror as I was pulling off the road and saw that my flap was open 1/2" or so. That's when I knew it was siphoned. I mentioned it on another post in here when it happened and someone else said that I was not the first. (apparently not the last either!) I guess vehicles with trailers are easy pickins cause they know you are out on the lake. Makes me want to sit in the woods some night and go fishing for "suckers". I hear they don't put up much of a fight but they're still a blast to catch. :p
  10. dont feel to bad they are getting everone i was at portage at the old state ramp and they got me about 5 gallons i got off my buddies boat and went to put my gear in the speed racer/gas saver cav and there it was my gas door was wide open so put my gaer in the car walked back no gas cap the assholes didnt even safe my gas cap for me . what is the world turning to when i guy that works his 40 plus hours a weak cant even go fishing all nite long with a buddy and not have some no job having ass hole steal his gas
  11. That does suck..It will only get worse if the price goes higher..The government better do something about fuel prices or they will lose out on millions of dollars we as sportsmen/women spend each year on hunting and fishing
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    This is nation wide issue, it's happening all over.

  13. I've head the stories but never dreamed it would happen to me. The price of gas is up but I'm done counting on the Government. They take more of my feedoms, liberties, and money then any thief has. Not to single out your comment that the Government better do something about the Gas, I think "WE NEED TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT THE GOVERNMENT". Bought me something to protect myself from them with my stimulus check. Thanks! Things won't change until the people who feed the pockets get Mad. We need to get real MAD. The politicians are supposed to work for us, that's why we pay them, thats why we elect them. It sems that somehow they instilled in our minds we should obey them, that everyone should be equal, that we should accept less to be equal with those who don't measure up. They want screw ups who they can send my tax money to once a month so they depend on the Government and do nothing to hurt it. We the people are change, we can bring change, but we need to get real mad and show we are serious. Anyways, on a lighter note, did catch a Walleye about 20" that night.
    Sorry I was just getting upset.
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  14. Thats ok to get mad and I understand..We do need to do something about our government but the better do something about our country as well.We are losing good jobs over seas and all the fat cat lobbist are lining the pockets of the politicians..We need to make a stand and not just talk about it..
  15. Amen To That////
  16. Before you light your torches and march on DC, remember it is very hard to convey a set of ideas that would generate the interest necessary to bring about any "real" change in our current society. The biggest problem being that the truth doesn't appear to be welcomed here anymore.
  17. Well said,and may I add before we deal with the goverment we need to get the media and courts inline first