berlin crappy report

Discussion in 'Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by WISH IT WAS YOU, Apr 17, 2008.

  1. well i hit up berlin 4/16/08 and went back by bedell bridge and caught 18 keepers in about 1 1/2hour then we went out drifting for eye but got nothing but thoose crappy were realy stuck on that brush you had to git your minnow right up in their but must fish were nice they all were in the 10-13inch range
  2. how was the water level?...was thinking about hitting it tomorrow

  3. I was there Thursday. Fished north of 224 without any bites. Then went up Mill Creek upstream of the Bedell rd. bridge. Water is at 1024.4' -summer pool. The water temps ranged from upper 40s in the lake to 56 in some of the bays upstream of Bedell. Good luck
  4. the water temp for us was 55 and the water levels are perfict
  5. i just went out today 4/19 and caught about 25 of them all in 11-14inch some
  6. what kind of depths were you fishing in?...downed trees along the banks or deep structure?
  7. downed trees it was jard to find them though we caught most of our fish but like 5 in one tree ohh yea we hook thi shuge fish my dad was thinking it was a muskie and was gitting all excited so we pull it up and it was a 29 inch carp still was a good fight but he hates carp so it was funny watching his reaction