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  1. Was out at berlin yesterday 4/24 and me and my buddy did pretty well, ended up with 17 keepers quite a few over 12 inches. Caught around 40 total. caught most of them in 5 to 14 ft and also caught some nice ones in 2 feet of water right in the middle of the brush.
  2. nice job! i would like to have a good day like that soon. sounds like they were all over in the different depths. good job

  3. Also went out twice this week. Hit most of the crappie in areas where there was deep water adjacent to brush and trees. With two guys in the boat both days. We caught over 30 each day and were home by 1:30.

    Personally, I think that the front that is suposed to come in about Monday or Tuesday will drive them back deep. Anyone agree, disagree or have any other thoughts?
  4. were you catchin um on minnows or jigs or both? i want to try to get out Sunday thats all depending on if the weather lets me
  5. Both jigs and crappie. The other guy in my boat was using a jig/minnow combination and sometimes a jig. Usually, he did better with only the jig. I was using a minnow. Usually under a float.
  6. They're forecasting temps in the 30's and even some snow next week so the crappie will definitely move off the spawning grounds into deeper basins til it warms up again. Probably won't be til next weekend. The water is a touch too cold and the ones that are in the wood now are early birds and not quite ready to spawn. Not many big, fat females talked about or displayed on here just yet.(Crappie, anyway!) Just my opinion-I could be all wrong on this but in my experience, "the crappie spawn when the dogwoods bloom". They haven't yet. Another week anyway.
  7. i went out today was was looking for crappie ended up with two crappie 6-8 inches, 2 bass one was as big as the roster tail the other was about 13maybe 14 inches long... fun couple of hours then i got tierd of re-tying and packed up
  8. I don't think the cold front will slow down the crappie bite or cause them to move much, but thats just my opinion. As of right now, the weather report only shows one cold day. The rest of the week will be in the 50's and warming to 60+ by the weekend. I'm hoping the rain will bring the Mahoning river up and trigger the White Bass run.
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    My buddy was down by Rt 14 bridge yesterday, and brought me 25 decent crappie. As for the white bass run, on my way to Milton, I saw 2 cars by the road right there on 225 and 4-5 on my way back. Guessing people are testing the waters to see if the white bass are in there yet. Caught some nice white bass at Milton in the main lake. I imagine this could mean they're not moving into the river yet, or there are some stragglers. I would think they're not ready. Water was about 63 degrees.
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    Went to Berlin yesterday 4/27 and kept 23 all over 10". Had my wife and 2 little boys with me and everyone was able to get in the action. My 2yr old caught the biggest 12.5" on a bobber & jig/maggot.

    The fish were definately on deep brush. I made 4 stops throughout the day. Just need to find those spots that everyone else just drives on by.
  11. White and pink dogwoods in full bloom right now in NE OHIO. Go get em!!
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    Looking to go on Sunday, any word on the water temp? (long ride from ramp;) ).

  13. Going this afternoon around 3pm, still deciding to go in waders and dip or take the boat. Any advice from those who fished this morning or yesterday? I'll let you know how we do.
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