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  1. where to channels at berlin all i ever catch is bullheads i ve tried everthing deep water shallow water nada please help berlin sucks
  2. Sucks? I kill channel cats all day over there. Try the dam, you'll probably get tired of catching them. There are lots of kittenfish so keep the bait big. Crawlers work but throw a couple on there or try some chicken livers to weed out the kittenfish.

  3. crawlers don't work for me. I use chicken liver,shrimp and if i am going after the really big one i pull out the half or gill i like using the head more so then the tail. every time i go with crawlers i get bull head and gills try any or the bridges except 225 have not had any luck there ever and keep it about a foot off the bottom i use a little float to do that good luck
  4. Buy leeches fish them under a bobber at 2 feet! It won't take long ! I hook them in the skin(only) about an 1" from the head! Early eve to dark is best! You will also get smallies and walleye! depending were you are at! Done this for years when I just want to sit on the bank with the little lady! I have filled stringers using leeches! I spend a lot of time on erie after the crappies stop and I just do this to relax ! I've spent 30 years on that lake!;)
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    how much do leeches usually run
  6. about 2.50 a dozen most places
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    A lot of times the leeche will get pushed up the line like a bass plastic they hit em so hard. I have cought 3-4 fish on the same leeche when there hitting em good.
  8. How long can I keep these leeches alive in the fridge?