Berlin Cats

Discussion in 'Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by Bobinstow90, May 29, 2008.

  1. May be heading there for cats friday. Does anyone have suggestions on area and baits?
  2. night crawlers and at fewtown road clear at the end they r hitting down there

  3. Good Luck with the cats Bobinstow90 and post how well you do when you get back.

    I'd like to find a good catfishin' spot on Berlin to take my 5 year old so I'm glad you posted the question (where he can consistently hook up). We don't keep anything...just for the sport of it. Tried a couple of places around Bedell road bridge and did OK, but all very small bullheads. I'd like to get him in to some channel cats and watch him fight 'em!

    Good Fishin'

  4. Ive used cut shad and done very well there. Got some some nice channels.
  5. Last one there(fewtown rd) is a rotten egg!
  6. Thanks for the replies folks.

    We changed lakes and hit West Branch instead. Came home with 6 decent crappie and a 3 lb cat all caught on minnie under bobber.

    My buddy almost lost a rod to some unseen monster. Whatever it was hit and started running.......he had the drag too tight. He grabbed the rod as it almost exited the boat. The fish ran to wood and wrapped it causing a break. Sure would have liked to see that fish!

    Good safe out there.
  7. i fished around 225 bridge years back we caught crawfish around the bridge used them for bait those cats loved them did very well there.
  8. I fished off the end of Fewtown Rd. last night. There was a couple of guys catching lots of Crappie. They were jigging the flooded timber. I caught a 10# snapping turtle on a Bluegill head. There was lots of fish in the bay.