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Berlin Boatlaunch Acess???

Discussion in 'Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by jetdrivr, Oct 6, 2004.

  1. So how exactly do you get a boat into Berlin these days? I had never been to Berlin and made my mind up yesterday to give it a whirl. After some great advice from TritonBill and some other folks I was off to the lake. I never found water. I could see it...and there were some boats out there (4 to be exact) but I'll be damned if I could find a ramp with any water. Help???
  2. take 224 to boner rd.if you are going west over the bridge turn right on boner road,i think it is first or second right hand turn. hope this helps. baby bass :) :) :)

  3. I may give that a try tomorrow, however these consistently sunny days have really put a damper on the walleye fishing (for me anyways). Thanks again.
  4. The only ramp I was able to find open this week was Dutch Harbor. From 224 on the east side of the lake, go south on Bedell past the campground to Leffingwell or something like that. Make a right, then when it comes to a T make another right, and follow that road around to the right and it will come to the lauch. Not a real pretty place, but it does the job.
  5. Dutch Harbor is open but with limited parking space as of Sunday.

    You could follow Frozentoze directions OR a more direct route would be...
    I'm assuming you would be coming down 14 East. If so when you get to Deerfield Circle, go half way around and continue on 14 east, you'll cross Berlin and then go about 1 1/2miles further. You'll come to a dip in the road in a little town called North Benton. In that dip on your left will be signs for DUTCH HARBOR. Turn left, onto this road and instead of following it where it makes the sharp turn to the right go straight(up the hill). Take this road until it dead ends into Dutch Harbor(about 1 1/2 miles).

    You could also go 3/4 away around the circle at Deerfield Circle and then follow Frozentoze directions... Also the Bonner Road ramp(which is free) is 3/4 away around that circle if you were driving 14 east from hudson. Bonner Road is on your left a couple miles after you turn right out of the circle.