berlin and milton

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  1. are very blowen right now all open ii git pics of miltyon but berlin [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

    but the lake is wide open and very low
  2. i am thinking of heading either to milton or berlin tommorow. ya'll have any advice on which one would be better to go to? Ill be shore fishing so yea....


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    Well, you're real close to Milton, and we know the nets are out, I think that would be my choice. Find the nets and fish somewhat close to them and let us know how you do!
  4. Alright thanks I will try that then. I am just starting to get big into the fishing. So could you please explain to me what the nets are for? And why it is better to fish by the nets this time of year rather then somewhere else? Thank you

  5. fireman2028......will help best I I understand it. (Remember, nobody ever called me the brightest crayon in the box.)

    State drops the nets in to coral walleye with the intent of harvesting eggs and then returning the eyes to the lake. I guess, where the nets are is where the state believes the most eyes are. Therefore....the theory is the state knows where the fish are, puts the nets there, and fishing near the nets is a good idea.

    Are you a vol. firemen out there someplace? I know a vol fireman/paramedic somewhere out there.

    Good safe out there.
  6. alright thanks that makes sense i will def. have to try that. And yes I am a volunteer firefighter for Palmyra Township. Been on there 6 years now.

    Ya'll got any recommendation's on what i should use for bait? i was thinking of just using some minnie's an some crawlers to try an catch some walleye and bass or even some nice cat's(only caught one walleye in the years i have fished)
  7. Was at Milton today for about 4 hours in a canoe...water was horrendously low. Got maybe 3 or 4 bites but landed nothing. Water temp was 38-40 ...probably colder further out. Didn't wanna risk going out any further til the after warms. The water level was approx 6 ft below last falls levels and you could walk out about 50ft from where the shore was last year without touching water.
  8. hey fireman if it was me i would be throwin jigs and twister or husky jerks if it was me i would go to 224 causeway at night and cast huskies down the shoreline but i would get some waders or you will spend alot of $$$$ on the lures[ alot of snags].goodluck
  9. Where are the nets at out on Lake Milton? Mahoning Avenue Causeway?
  10. Was down at milton for a couple hours today didn't have any luck though.It's the lowest that I can ever remember seeing it to, and there still draining till april 1st.