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Berlin 6-22-07

Discussion in 'Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by CatmanOne, Jun 23, 2007.

  1. Trolled Berlin for 1hr with shad rap caught 1 bass 15 inches straight out of Les's on east shore. Drifted jig heads later that night in the same area tipped with crawler, 4 eyes one 18inches others throw backs, 2 channel cats one perch. A lot of boats out at night hope others did better than me.
  2. I was out there to , went out about 1 oclock quite windy 10 to 15 miles a hour some white caps and from the east cold front moving in . fished flats west side in front of ramps caught most fish of the year drifting floters and northland jigs 2 walley 17 in and 1 throw back 15 rock bass eating size 10 pearch 1 went 12 inches biggest i ever caught in berlin 3 crappie 1 went 12 inches all in about the same spot a littel drop of in to 15 ft on the west side and south of mill creek , than the storm came and I got soked , but had a nice day,had to use wind sock to slow down the drift or you would go right pased them. (dannoll)