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Berlin 5-19-2007

Discussion in 'Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by Kaz32, May 21, 2007.

  1. Drift fished Berlin from 1445L to 1915L on Saturday, Fished the entire lake South of the 224 causeway with no luck finding the walleyes, I caught a 17 1/2" Channel Catfish and my brother caught an 11" Channel Catfish, but no walleye. Any advise on any landmarks to locate wallele at Berlin?

  2. Try the flats just south of the 224 causeway east or west of the river channel in approx. 16-18 ft. of water. Drift or troll crawler harnesses or cast 1/8 Oz. curley tail grubs in white or chartruese. The first point south of the causeway on the east side can be good too.
    This time of year, ANY shallow, flooded willow areas can be hot for walleye and/or crappie too. Be prepared to loose some tackle. Post your results.

  3. lots of walleye in the flooded willows 3ft or less till end of the month
  4. Thanks for the advise, I think what you mean by willows is the Southern most area of the lake where the sunken trees are and there are willows in a flood plane back there. Correct me if I am thinking wrong.

    I was working white and yellow Mr Twister 4 double tail grubbs, from the advise I should continue to do so.


  5. yes willows are a big hot spot at dad caught a lot of walleye at berlin fishing the willows....if your unsure of where to go try that first