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    (Which happened to be my 50th bday!!)Went to Berlin yesterday and today. My buddy (3 boats, 6 people) got his limit in eyes, but no one else could buy a bite!! All using the same thing, vib-e in firetiger. Today, fished for crappie, got a little under a dozen to clean. Just couldn't seem to get them to bite. Anyone know why they won't allow electric motors only near the dam? Usually the buoy says "electric motors only", now it says "No boats"! That's a new one on me. The last time I went there in early April, my son and I caught 13-15" crappie all day. Thought I'd try it today, and found the new sign!! Bummer. Oh well, will try the Ohio River tomorrow and see how that goes. It normally treats me pretty good, so I'm quite optimistic.........:)
  2. Happy Birthday! I can't answer your question about electric motors near the dam but if I had to guess, I'd blame it on Homeland Security and terrorist concerns. It seems like more and more access is denied to areas you used to be able to go into. I would imagine that a terrorist in a boat could cause serious damage but I doubt that the sign alone would stop it if a terrorist wanted to do something. In the meantime, access is denied to good people.

  3. Happy Birthday! At least you caught some fish...

    All we got at Long was dink gills and perch... no crappies
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    Thanks for the bday wish. I went to the Ohio river and made up for the lack of a blockbuster day this weekend. But seriously, how can I complain...I fished for 3 days straight, 2 of them from the boat. I'm sure most of you will agree, for us working people, it don't get no better than that. And to top it off, yesterday, I took my 7 yr old Skeeter, and my buddie took his 11 yr old daughter and she had never been in a boat, and that my friends, is what this is all about. She didn't hammer em, but she says she can't wait to go out again. And this girl is quite the good fisherwoman!! She catches fish from shore when most others aren't !!! A great 3 days I must say....
  5. Three days is great! I've been working an afternoon shift for the past year and can't wait to get back on days just so I can fish more. The afternoon shift just cramps my style and really breaks your day up.

    It's great when you get a kid into fishing. I have some nephews that are at the right age and I plan on taking them this year.
  6. I fished the 224 causeway last eve. (the 7th) from 6:30-9:30. My buddy ended up with one throw back and lost a pretty nice eye while trying to land him. I ended up skunked. Results from everyone I saw looked pretty similar. Vibees were the ticket for any and all bites we had. Sparingly tried Husky Jerks, Rattlin Rouges, white and chartreuse jigs, minnow and jig, and spoons. Water was like glass. :mad: A few nice females rolled right at our feet. I got a real good look at one that looked to be close to 25" Pretty cool to see their eyes glowing when they roll like that.
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    Just for the record, if you do any daytime, early evening fishing, most walleyes I saw caught were on Firetiger Vibees!
  8. If it makes you feel any better All Eyes you beat me. I was on the causeway with my dad (north side about 50 yards west of the bridge). We tried Minnows, Vibees, Crawlers, Rapalas, White and chartreuse grub tail jigs. We got skunked. My dad put a minnow on a loose line on the bottom at 6:00 when we got there and took the same minnow off still alive at 8:45 when we left.

  9. snake, i would bet that the bouy you saw was a free floater that is usually set right in front of the dam.... probably moved from the ice... i've seen those bouy's in a few different areas including onshore all through out the dam "electric motors only"area. the state doesnt usually set out the electric motors only bouy's or any others for that matter until just before laborday weekend. think i'll put in a call to the park dept. and ask because thats one of my favorite areas to fish in the spring...
  10. sorry, meant memorial day weekend
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    Actually, it was near or at the area where the "elec. only" buoys go. That's why it threw me...???