Berlin 02 of May

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  1. I went out just before the storm, and as the name states i was fishing from shore... well standing on a big willow just off the bank any ways caught 5 gills then the crappie moved in 15 of them mostly 7"-8" with a few 10's in there but had to leve because the wind and the rain chased me home. caught um all on a maggot and pinman slip was set at a foot and a half/two feet right in the willows good luck all, hope this front doesent shut them down to much .
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    I've got to work tomorrow and can't get out till Sunday, so most likely it'll shut em up, like tight lipped!! It's s'pose to go down a good bit temperature wise between Sat and Sun, so that's why I say that!!

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    I am thinking the same thing:(
  4. come on now your crushing the last little hope i had... that was my feelings about it to but you never know it has been a weird spring so far
  5. well the weather didnt mess them up to bad i got 13 in the freezer.... caught them all in two feet of water didnt move the bobber stop all day maggot and pinn man most of them i pulled from pin oaks only pulled four from the willows only caught one white crappie all the rest were black crappie