Berkley Gulp! Alive!

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  1. i'm thinking about trying the Berkley Gulp! alive minnows in a bucket. I was reading all the good reviews on Bass pro. I was just wondering if anyone has ever tried them.
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  2. soua0363

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    I have not used the Gulp Alive! but I have used the Gulp minnows with success so I am pretty sure that it would work fine. The technique I was using was pretty much a carolina rig and it worked well for crappies and bass. I have not used it on a floater like a real minnow or with a jig head yet but I am sure others have and have had success.

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    im not trying to take away from your question, i remember there being a thread when they came out that was pretty indepth. search some of the forums and see if you can find it.
  4. Worked on crappie and walleye last Spring.
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    Dropshot with Berk Alive minnows ALOT....But have more success with them out of the bag. Every bucket I've had or smelled doesn't smell as strong as the bag.
  6. Used the Emerald Shiners and the Minnow Grub...Bucket last year ...I feel the Grub's worked better than the Shiners...I too have noticed the ones in the bag smell stronger than the bucket..Hope to try them this year again...See what happens........Jim.......
  7. Crappie Lover

    I sent you a pm but just found your most recent post.

    Have you ever used them drifting for eyes and if so, do you see a difference between them and other jigs?

    Thank You
  8. I use them on steelhead and have great success.I drift them under a float with a jig.
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    I haven't tried the alive but I use the bags every spring drifting for walleyes at Mosquito on jigs. I've done very well on the 3" grub minnows over the past few years.