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    I was wondering if anyone has any recommendations on Gulp alive. I was wondering if it is something that i should consider putting in my Tackle box.. If you have any experience with this item and have a nice response feel free to post. Thanks. I went to shines today and saw the Leeches they look really good and might switch to them if they are working. for anyone. I apologize to all oGf members if i offended anyone in the passed but lets put the Bs behind us. Its over Let it go. Good comments only. This thread is about Gulp Alive thats it..
  2. I have used it but only the salt water i got nothing on it but the guy that was fishing with me using the same thing was nailing them go figure i have contemplaited usung them for fresh but have not yet tho i will say they did out fish the live bait the other guys were using that were with us so take it for what it is worth

  3. I used it last monday on pleasant hill and caught whitebass, large mouth, crappies, and trout. it worked great. i was using the 2.5" watermelon minnow.
  4. I tried it ,it tore real easy
  5. I love the Gulp products!! One complaint about the bucket, though, it's sometimes hard to thread the cap on and it leaks!! Nasty!!
  6. ...Tuna Can...I love my gulp also seems to work well....had the same problem with the lip leaking...bought a pint size Lock & Lock at wall mart worked case you don't know what a Lock&Lock is they are in the plastic container dept....if you do than you are in business....
    :C ....GOOD FISHING GUYS....:C
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  7. I was just wondering why you need to know from us?? You said in the other post that you are young and "this good" should probably already know yourself.....

    Plus, If the Admin gets on me....I thought this area was for fishing "REPORTS" not all kinds of things about trying to get a fishing partner and things like that?
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    Seriously Jgut, why the childish crap? The kid apoligized for any earlier insinuations that may have offended others. Are you guys trying to drag the mods into every thread?
    I've never tried gulp products and would, normally, have left this thread alone by just reading it and learning. That is just what you should have done.
  9. Jgut07 - Come on let it go. The boasting point has already been made.

    factual - He is correct on location. The Gulp thread should be in the tackle/bait section and the batter thread should be in the Lounge section. I assume Dale let it go due to all the grief that has already been given to you.
  10. Factual maybe I can help you a little bit.

    I have used Gulp Alive Leeches on five occasions using three applications.

    Each application caught at least one targeted fish, Walleyes plus Channel Cats.

    Fishing the Rip-Rap in the Upground Reservoirs in N.W. Ohio.

    Slip Bobber Rig
    Pretty much your everyday rig with enough weight to almost sink the bobber, gota get the light bitters.
    I found that if there was not enough wave action to keep the Gulp bouncing at a good clip I would have to tip/move the bobber a little to add some action.

    Worm Harness
    I used the Gulp yesterday on a three hook harness on a bouncer. Only pulled this rig for an hour and my Minn-Kota quit working and left me sitting, dead in the middle of the lake. In that short time two fish took a liking to the Gulp.

    Old School --- # 6 Hook and one BB Size Split Shot on 4 Pound Test Line.

    Casting from shore and letting the Gulp sink into the Rip-Rap and reeling in ever so slowly feeling for the pickup and feeding line to the fish.

    As stated, I have only used the Gulp Leeches a few times. In a few weeks I should be able to get real live Leeches, I hope. And the Gulp will more than likely not be used for anything but harnesses.

    Roger 23 and Tuna Can are right on with their comments, and Crappie Lovers idea is a great one.

    Good Luck Factual ----------- Hope this helps.
  11. Crappie Lover, I'll check those out, thanks.
  12. I talked to a friend who said that it worked really well on a road runner when used for crappie. The fish actually had the gulp swalloed in its gullet, so they must like it.
  13. Ive been looking at the leeches variety and really thinking of trying them myself. The realistic look and action they seem to have and the fact they are soaked in liquid attractant hopefully catch as many fish as they do fisherman.
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    I got a pack of the original gulp 2.5" emerald shiner minnows!... Neither gander mountain or Dicks have the 2.5" size yet as far as GULP ALIVE goes but still the regular ones caught me a few crappie even when i couldn't get 'em on real minnows!... The leeches do look real good! I might pick up the bigger sized minnows(3" and 5") for drop shotting!