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bengals vs patriots

Discussion in 'Sports Talk' started by smallie, Dec 12, 2004.

  1. smallie

    smallie smallmouth icon

    Go Cincy Go, Keep The Offensive Juggernaut Going. Pulverize The Pats.
  2. Tee

    Tee Team OGF

    Yes. Common guys keep it going. BUT most of all keep that darn corey dillon's mouth shut!

    I think the offensive game plan should be to RUN-RUN-RUN the ball to RUDI-RUDI-RUDI!! The Pats defense is going to be focused on the arm of Palmer because of his play last week. That should open up some holes for Rudi.

    But the key to the game is the defense limiting corey dillion. Score quickly and quiet the fans.

    WHO DEY!!!!!



  3. catfish_billy

    catfish_billy Is it spring yet?

    Sorry guys, I would root for the Bengals any other weekend, but Ive been a Pats fan for 10yrs. so I cant go there this week. Ill give them boys credit though they almost had me sweating in the last quarter, Cincy would just not give up!
    I also have to say that Dillon is a blessing to us Pats fans that has desperately needed a running game for years. The only thing that bugs me about NE this year now is.....................they should be undefeated!
    Oh well, the playoffs should be exciting, and I can guarantee that whole Steelers fluke aint going to happen again.
    Ill be rooting for Cincy though the rest of the year along with my Pats.
  4. shadowman

    shadowman Supreme Being

    i really thought they were going to upset new england and they almost guys are going to have a hell of a team next season......i think a team that will make the playoffs and make ohio proud.......remember you heard it from me 1st and i,m serious you have a team that is going to surprise a lot of people..............go bengals go............ :cool: