Bengals turn down 1st and 3rd round draft choices for Johnson.

Discussion in 'Sports Talk' started by flathunter, Apr 22, 2008.

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    They probably should have taken the deal, but looking at principle alone, I hope his spoiled a$$ sits out the season.

  2. i think this quote from the article tells the story, he's only getting 3 million per year if he sits out....adn well a milliion $$ is a million$$ even to an NFL I agree - let him sit and watch for awhile and see how he likes it!

    "Trading Johnson also would mean Cincinnati would take an $8 million salary-cap hit, but that amount could be split over the next two years. Additionally, as one owner who wished to remain anonymous told, "There's nothing wrong with dead money. It's cash already paid and it's cash back in your pocket that you don't have to spend, especially with the [high] amount of everyone's salary cap these days."
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    I think the Bengals would eat the cap hit if they could. But they are close to the cap and would have to cut a starter or two in order to trade Chad and be able to replace him. The cap hit could only be split over two years if it happens after June 1 which is of no help for this draft.
  4. It will be interesting to see come Saturday if someone doesnt bowl them over with a offer...and there are a couple players on the team who are getting a pretty fair salary who could be released without much ill effect.
  5. I know it would benefit the Bengals to get rid of him but allowing him to bully his way out of Cincy I feel is setting a dangerous precedence. So all you need to do when you don't want to play for a team is to cry and whine? That one could come back to haunt them later as well.
  6. I agree that one way to look at it is to not give in to someone trying to strongarm his way out, but as a Bengals fan Im worried about what happens when he shows(and he eventually will he wants paid) and makes as complete A$$ of himself and becomes a major distraction, come Friday night/Saturday if somebody antes up big I hope they at least consider it, there isnt any top flight recievers in the draft and if a team wants a immediate playmaker a proven veteran might be the only answer.
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    just read on that chad johnson sometime this week is going to go off on the bengals about not being traded, lets see what this idiot has to say now
  8. No doubt Chad's a good receiver, but if the Bengals have a chance to receive to 1st round picks for a 30 year old receiver (if escalators are met), it was crazy not to do it. Maybe the escalators would have been impossible to reach? Who knows...

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    Any other team in the NFL that wants a great WR who will play with heart and passion and make big plays should be bending over backward to get him. This guy is not TO. He doesnt have a history of this stuff. Sure he has a history of being a goofball and an attention hound, but not of bad mouthing his team.

    I am not a Bengals fan, but I think Chad's position is unique. He is not crying about money as most of these guys do. He is paid well and that is not the issue. The media threw him under the bus last year and all but called the team's failure his fault. I thought this was a team sport? Was Chad supposed to go in there and play linebacker and makes some tackles? Nobody on the team stuck up for him. You would feel a little dissed as well if that happened to you.

    The Bengals had some players and made a decent run, but they are still a lousy team with very poor management. They just drafted 3 more players with "character" issues. Hmmmmm......"momma always said stupid is as stupid does"

    They'll do well to beat out Baltimore for last place in the Central.

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    apparently you didnt watch the draft, this is about money keyshawn johnson called him on it. Hes upset about the TO deal last year and the fact if we extend Houshmanzadah contract this year he will be being payed more than chad, and chad wont like that. It just so happens chad went to far with the HOF jacket last year and the media turned on him, hes just has an excuse now about wanting out. Chad is a baby and huge team distraction, i am a bengals fan and i have no problem saying i dont want him on the team anymore. And i like how you take shots at the bengals about 3 draft picks with character issues, real original, you fail to mention you know McFadden's issues and a laundry list of other players taken in this draft that have had issues.
  11. Haven't heard that in a few years!
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    Fellas, check out a couple messages on the Bengals boards, I guess thigns are close to BLOWING UP! This IS about MONEY. I guess Chad Johnson has spent his $ on misc thigns and is in a somewhat bad position $ wise. You see, if he gets traded and gets a new contract, he gets more signing bonus $ UP FRONT. I'll see if I can find the link to the story.

    Also.... it was reported that someone did in fact offer two 1st rd picks for Chad Saturday. I wish they had taken that deal. :(
  13. Dallas was supposed to have offered both there #1s.
  14. Heart?? really? he has one of the worst YAC stats in the NFL - has "missed" several catches across the middle...even Dion Sanders called him out last year on the NFL network about taking a dive and running out of bounds after the catch insead of putting his shoulder down and getting the extra few yards...

    And no, i'm not a Bengals fan, but i know many and not many want him in Cincy!
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    my point exactly and not to mention we should call him mister IV. Chad does not take care of his body and its almost a garuntee every game he is gonna have to go into the locker room before halftime to have a IV because of cramps caused by dehydration
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    Ok, I don't know his issue really IS about MONEY or not. Though, I did some digging and I would like him on my favorite team with these stats:

    Year G GS Rec Yds Avg Lg TD
    2002 16 14 69 1166 16.9 72 5
    2003 16 14 90 1355 15.1 82 10
    2004 16 16 95 1274 13.4 53 9
    2005 16 16 97 1432 14.8 70 9
    2006 16 16 87 1369 15.7 74 7
    2007 16 16 93 1440 15.5 70 8

    Pretty consistent if you ask me, and look at all those nice LONG receptions. Also, his +20 and +40 stats are consistent as well, but the paste with those numbers got kind of screwy. If I were a GM on another team such as the Vikings, Chiefs, Bucs, Falcons, Redskins, Eagles, or Seahawks I would be working overtime to try to get a deal done.

    It will be interesting to see how this all shakes out.

  17. Deion Sanders calling somebody out for avoiding contact?!

    Now that's funny!:p

    I don't think I've ever seen a player in the last 15 years in the NFL that avoided contact like Deion. I'm pretty sure he ran from the cheerleaders when they charged the sideline.

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  18. "ran from cheerleaders"...that's funny! but, at least he did hit people on defense....sometimes ;)
  19. here is a part from the post draft from the cincy enquirer.....why do they love people with a history of off field issues???? you get what you pay for!!

    "On the defensive line, the Bengals chose not to try to trade up to get Southern Cal's Sedrick Ellis, who instead went to New Orleans - which traded up from No. 10 overall - to the seventh slot. Instead, the Bengals added Auburn's Pat Sims in the third round and Fresno State's mammoth Jason Shirley (329 pounds) in the fifth round. Sims has pass-rush talent in the middle.

    Though No. 1 pick Keith Rivers of USC has the look of a leader and a long-term starter, missing on Ellis will linger as a disappointment.

    The addition of Shirley, who was suspended from his team and charged with DUI in separate incidents last season, may raise some eyebrows.the addition of a player with a checkered recent history appears contrary to steps the Bengals have made in recent months to change their reputation with the release of wide receiver Chris Henry after his fifth arrest.

    Shirley's DUI case from last fall has been continued."