Bengals OT Play Calling

Discussion in 'Sports Talk' started by H2O Mellon, Sep 21, 2008.

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    What the heck was that offensive play calling all about in OT? The Bengals were passing w/ success in the 4th, so your 1st two plays of OT are runs up the middle for a total of a yard and a half? To top this off your an 0-2 team with basically nothing to loose. I think you have to pull the trigger for a big pass on one of those three plays, even if they were looking for it.

    What do the Giants do when they get the ball next: Shoot for a long pass. Of coarse the 1st one failed but hey...

    I know the downfall of the game was that group of guys that are called the OLine for the Bengals, but I am sick of this new offensive game calling.
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    I wanted to be the first one to get on here and vent about the DUMBEST play calling Ive EVER seen in my life............Palmer , TJ and Johnson were on fire, and Lewis pulled the plug...............makes me wonder whos really in charge in this game. One run was bad enough, but TWO runs?

  3. I will rant on the other side of the ball, there is entirely to much money accross that D-Line not to get any pressure on Eli(or any QB we have played this year) Geathers is getting big money, Odom was signed to a big FA deal and Peko was just reupped for a nice chunk of change...but yet no pressure on the QB:mad:
  4. I thought they should of been calling two plays in a row in the huddle at the end of regulation on that drive.They had NY on there heals and let the clock wind down.Could of had a chance or two at the end zone.But thats why i fish and don`t coach :)
  5. I didnt think of that but it would have been a good idea...they burnt a good 20 seconds getting everybody together.
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    Yeah the Defense stunk it up again.....

    No pressure on the QB will kill you.

    One question...Has John Thorton been on the field at all?? (sarcastic) The guy must have naked pictures of Marvin Lewis' wife or something.

    He and Levi should be arrested for impersonating NFL players. They are getting $$$ for nothing. Thats stealing!
  7. Levi wants out so he is willing to steal and not worry about much, they think alot of the OT they got in this years draft Collins is his name, he might be able to take over if Levi is shown the door, Thornton to his credit has never bad mouthed the organization and has been a standup guy....but boy he hasnt nearly lived up to expectations people had when he first signed, heck half of this years draft didnt even dress yesterday, Simpson, Sims, Shirley were all inactive, Caldwell dressed but never even sniffed the field.
  8. bad coaching....need we say more..its time for lewis to hit the road
  9. The Browns and Bengals should consolodate...then we would be able to compete in the NFL.
  10. two wrongs don't make a right.
  11. Thats good:p we still might need a coach.
  12. HA HA...well said fishinjim,...well said!
  13. Now, if the Bengals can only get a win against the Browns.