Bengals of '06 vs Bengals of '07

Discussion in 'Sports Talk' started by H2O Mellon, Sep 11, 2007.

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    I know the game last night was very close and that the offense was far from perfect, but If the Bengals of '06 played last night I think the Ravens would have won.At the end of the game the Bengals found a way to win the game whereas the Bengals of old would have found a way to loose the game. The team looked much more intense last night.

    Let's hope the intensity can continue.
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    It's still a little too early to tell what the 07 Bengals are made of. I do agree that the Bengals from the 2nd half of last season would have found a way to lose that game. ;)
    I'd also say that it's hard for most teams offense to look good against the Ravens defense. Let's see after the next 4 games.

  3. EE


    For what it's worth - and in no way are my intentions to downplay the Bengals win - it looked to me like it was the Ravens game to lose, as much as it was the Bengals game to win.

    When you have 6 shots at the end zone inside the 6 yard line, and you overthrow your receiver who's less than 10 yards away, run straight ahead 3 times, then hit another receiver in the chest - right in the numbers - and it bounces to a defender (not the quarterback's fault), it's safe to say you blew it.

    I definitely give the Bengals props for the goal line stand at the end, I was on the edge of my seat every one of those plays, but if that Raven receiver holds that ball instead of letting it bounce off his chest, Bengals fans would have a very different attitude today.........

    Good news is, that's not how it happened. Any time Billick gets beat, I'm a happy sports fan!
  4. 06 vs thing we know for sure thier police reports are longer,

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    Always seems like the browns fans only can talk about arrest records because they sure cant talk about winning records... who-dey
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    It also seems to me the last player to be arrested was a browns player. I might be wrong as I sometimes am but thats what I remember...
  7. Once our O-Line gets healthy and Carson gets his timing down I believe we will look alot better(and those 2 things might go hand in hand) Big Willie is hobbled, Levi is not 100% healthy either, Stacy Andrews is a first year starter and our Center got dinged for a while lastnight, I was impressed with the D lastnight, they played with alot of emotion, they created alot of turnovers like we did in 05, but I would like to see them be able to get pressure on the QB with bringing the house, but a W is a W and you gotta like that:)
  8. Come on...that is all us Browns fans have to talk about. Besides, the Bengals didn't have a winning record last year either.
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    06 Bengals - SUCK

    07 Bengals - SUCKIER

    Browns 01, 02 ,03, 04 05, 06,07, 08, etc, etc, etc

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    Your right Rodney, that was only one game, but damn they looked stellar vs. a dominant Ravens Defense!!Great win ;) !!
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    Never mind..... Say old freakin stinkin Bengals. :mad: