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Bengals making case for NFL’s best offense

Discussion in 'Sports Talk' started by Tee, Sep 27, 2005.

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    Bengals making case for NFL’s best offense
    Cincy could be tougher to stop than Indy because of power running game

    It's hard to believe, but the Bengals, led by quarterback Carson Palmer, might have a better offense than the Indianapolis Colts.

    Updated: 12:23 a.m. ET Sept. 26, 2005
    So which team has a better offense, Indianapolis or Cincinnati?

    Absurd question, you probably say. With Peyton Manning, Marvin Harrison, Edgerrin James and Reggie Wayne, the Colts are the class of the NFL. Sure, Carson Palmer, Chad Johnson, Rudi Johnson and T.J. Houshmandzadeh are nice, but they don’t rank.

    But if you go by statistics and trends, the Bengals actually have a good case.

    Over the past nine games stretching back to last season, the Bengals have outscored the Colts, 279 to 227, average of almost a touchdown more a game. That situation is more acute through the first three games this year; the Bengals lead 88-47.

    Even by saying the Bengals are scoring against the league’s slouches — Cleveland, Minnesota and Chicago — and the Colts have played stronger opponents in Baltimore, Jacksonville and Cleveland, the Bengals own the more impressive win against a common opponent. They beat the Browns 27-13 in Week 1. The Colts struggled to a 13-6 win on Sunday over Cleveland.

    Each team is 3-0, so neither has a big complaint about where they are in the grand scheme of the NFL. But there is an interesting development with regards to how teams are playing the Colts that is making it harder and harder for Indianapolis to score. That same development may not work against Cincinnati.

    Opposing defenses are playing an umbrella coverage against the Colts, which Baltimore and New England used toward the end of last season. The idea is to drop eight players into coverage and only rush three defensive linemen against Manning, who is almost impossible to sack with the strongest of blitzes.

    Manning eats up blitzes with his quick reaction and release. However, he often hesitates against the all-out zones he has faced lately. That was particularly the case in New England last season during the 20-3 loss in the playoffs. Since then, Manning has thrown only two touchdown passes. He had zero against Cleveland on Sunday, which is coached by former Patriots defensive coordinator Romeo Crennel.

    “Our offense just is not quite on all cylinders,” Indianapolis coach Tony Dungy said. “What our offense is doing is making clutch drives. We are doing a lot of things we need to. I think we're going to be fine."
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    MVP Meter

    Palmer remains No. 1; Brady makes a triumphant return

    By Mike Wilkening
    Sept. 27, 2005

    Before we get into this week’s MVP meter, let’s stop to salute three fallen NFL leaders.

    Patriots S Rodney Harrison, Jets QB Chad Pennington and Bills LB Takeo Spikes all suffered what appear to be season-ending injuries in Week Three. AFC East play won’t be the same with them out of the lineup.

    There is speculation Pennington’s injury could be career-threatening. Let’s hope that’s not the case. He was playing hurt in his first three games — and for a good part of last season, it seems.

    These are tough, skilled players. Examples for their teammates. They can be replaced, but something will still be missing in each of those locker rooms.

    Bengals QB Carson Palmer is atop our rankings for a second straight week. He received all but one first-place vote from PFW’s editors, many of whom tuned in to see Palmer complete 16-of-23 passes for 169 yards and three touchdowns in leading the Bengals to a 24-7 win at Chicago.

    Palmer has now compiled a QB rating of 100 or better in his last six starts dating back to last season. The Bengals have won five of six of those starts and 10 of 14 games overall. They are for real, and improving rapidly. So is their quarterback, who was profiled in the latest print edition of PFW.

    Patriots QB Tom Brady rumbles into the second spot on the MVP meter after leading New England to a 23-20 win at Pittsburgh. Brady completed 12-of-12 passes for 167 yards in the final quarter. Do as I’m doing right now and give him a round of applause.

    (Sound of clapping)

    (Sound of applause dying down)

    OK. Back to work.

    Colts DE Dwight Freeney and Buccaneers RB Cadillac Williams share the third spot on the countdown. Freeney notched three sacks and forced a fumble in Indianapolis’ win vs. Cleveland. Cadillac? It’s his offense in Tampa. He’s rushed for more than 100 yards in each of his first three games, all Bucs wins. No rookie back has ever done that. Watch Williams run and be reminded of what it’s like to have young legs. He averaged twice as many yards per carry in the second half of Tampa’s Week Three win at Green Bay — and he carried the ball more frequently than he did in the first 30 minutes of game action.

    Gritty Eagles QB Donovan McNabb and versatile Chargers RB LaDainian Tomlinson share the fifth spot on our rankings. McNabb threw 52 times against the Raiders, completing 30, and looked in pain every step of the way. Tomlinson ran for three scores and threw for another as the Chargers pushed around the Giants 45-23.

    Eagles WR Terrell Owens (nine catches, 80 yards, one TD in Week Three) is tied for seventh, as is Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger, foiled again by New England. Just a hunch, but Roethlisberger won’t win an MVP until he solves a Bill Belichick defense.

    Bengals WR Chad Johnson and Falcons QB Michael Vick hold the final two spots in our rankings. I’m starting to hear Johnson get his due for being someone who backs up his words with accomplishments. He’s the AFC’s most consistent receiver at the moment and one of the conference’s best players overall.

    Vick quietly led the Falcons to victory at Buffalo in Week Three. He’s getting better and better, and I expect him to make a move up the rankings in the weeks to come.

    Now, the Week Three MVP meter:

    1. Bengals QB Carson Palmer (last week’s ranking: 1) [​IMG]
    2. Patriots QB Tom Brady (—)
    T3. Colts DE Dwight Freeney (3)
    T3. Buccaneers RB Cadillac Williams (2)
    T5. Eagles QB Donovan McNabb (4)
    T5. Chargers RB LaDainian Tomlinson (—)
    T7. Eagles WR Terrell Owens (7)
    T7. Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger (T5)
    9. Bengals WR Chad Johnson (—)
    10. Falcons QB Michael Vick (10)

    Dropping out: Giants RB Tiki Barber, Jaguars QB Byron Leftwich