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Discussion in 'Sports Talk' started by smallie, Sep 17, 2008.

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    I Can't Even Begin To Fathom How Bad Cincy Will Get Killed Against The Giants. I Jst Hope That Eli Will Take It Easy On Us. I Guess I Now Know What The Captain Of The Titanic Felt Like Going Down With His Ship.
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    Not looking good for the Bengals.

  3. Im more worried about keeping Palmer in one piece...with the Giants pass rush and the way our O-Line has been blocking:( the way our run defense has been we will probably get a steady diet of Brandon Jacobs.
  4. From A Steeler Guy Id Have To Say Itll Be Closer Than U Think, Ive Always Feared Palmer And I Know He 'll Surprise U This Week.
  5. I hope you are right...but the way the our offense is playing so far this year its the wrong time to run into the Giants D, I cant recall the name of your coach(it will bug me all afternoon) but he didnt seem to happy that somebody reported that Roethlisberger's shoulder was seperated, I guess like the report was wrong.