below Griggs?

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  1. Anyone know if the rain yesterday did much to the Scioto below Griggs? I dont think they got nearly the rain I did yesterday morning so I'm hoping its in decent shape. I'm going to give it a shot after work today if its ok, never been there before either so any info would be greatly appreciated.
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  2. FOSR

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    My avatar pic was taken below Griggs, it's a pretty stretch of river.

  3. symba

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    I fished there yesterday until 6pm. River was very low and it looks like the rain had little to no effect on the flow
  4. Thanks for the info. did you do any good yesterday?
  5. topwaterdevil

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    It has been very low down there recently. Not much going on.
  6. All the rain went south pretty much. North of columbus we got 1/4" to 1/2" tops, no runoff from the fields at all. River still needs some water. Oshay is low.
  7. Welsh Dragon

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    Fished down there on Monday evening. It was very low and only caught one dink.
  8. symba

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    Well this was the first I laid eyes upon when I was checking out the river...


    So I had to chase some Scioto Salmon for about an hour. Had two nibbles, but no hookups. I believe my size 4 baitholders were a bit too big for their liking. It was cool having these 50+ mammoth carp swimming no more than 15 feet from me.

    I went with my original plan of bass pole while wading and ended up w/ a nice mixed bag. 4 Smallies, Rockbass, and 2 14" eyes. All were C&R.
  9. When those mammoth carp take off at your feet in the black of night it makes you lose control of your bodily functions:p
  10. Thanks guys. Ended up doing ok. Caught 7 smallies a gill and a rockbass. Nothing was big, a few of the smallies were about 12 or 13 inches the rest were really small. It was a nice spot and I'll probably fish it again. Was nice to fish some place new, I have not fished anyplace other Deer Creek or Darby for probably 5 years or so.