Belmont Lake at Barkcamp State Park Report...

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    Belmont Lake

    I hit Belmont Lake yesterday/Sunday evening. It's an electric motor only 114-acre lake at Barkcamp State Park. And it has a 12-15-inch slot limit for bash fishermen.

    The hits were coming from the Western/shady side of the lake near the deeper drops and creek channel.
    - Two slot lenght bass caught on my Strike King Fat Free Shad. (And I also caught four nice Bluegill on it too.)
    - One slot length bass caught on my JignPig. (I lost one real nice one in the brush because I just coudn't horse it out fast enough for all of the branches.)
    - One pretty nice saugeye on my Strike King Fat Free Shad.

    One guy in another small watercraft stated that he had lost a giant way up in a cove near a laydown on his frog. He said he had it hooked and it was huge but it came off. And another guy was fishing shinners on the bottom and caught one that he said weighed in at 4.5-pounds.
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    Thanks for the report. I love that lake but never hear any reports about it.
    How's the saugeye fishing been this year?