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  1. I got a belly boat for Christmas. I have never used one and I need to know the do's and don'ts. I have seen some guys use them with waders, but I was wondering. If that thing sinks and I have waders on, that would be bad? Or should a guy just wait until it warms up and go in shorts. Also, is there any accessories that work well with them.
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    First, get some flippers, second, fill it with air until it is EXTREMELY tight. If it isn't extremely tight, you will sink up to your chin! (Been there, done that!) If you use neoprene chest waders, you should be fine. If it is a single bladder, (U-shaped), you're good. If it is a dual chamber, (Pontoon style), it needs to be registered. Good luck and be safe!

  3. yep, waders are ok. I've used breathable's - especially in the spring, late fall, and winter you can get rod holders that strap around the tube - basspro sells them. the rod holders are handy, when you get in/out of the tube, when you are landing fish, etc.

    I don't think you need to register any floattube. I think the discrepancy comes into play if you are using one of the large two inflatable pontoons, sit up high boatlike jobbers and where you use a set of oars to paddle.

    floattubes are great for ponds, small lakes, or lakes that are difficult to get a canoe or kayak into. I wouldn't use them on a river with fast moving water.