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Belize, Grand Cayman, Cozy Mel ?

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by sowbelly101, Aug 5, 2004.

  1. sowbelly101

    sowbelly101 Keep'n It Reel

    Just wanted to see if anyone had been to any of these places and know of anything that is worth seeing or doing. We'll be leaving Saturday for Miami and hitting the seas on sunday on a 7 day cruise. My inlaws are going to be with us ( there buying :D ) and Da Mouse is 4.5 months pregnant so alot of the excursions are out of the question. Any Suggestions?

    Could always sit by the pool and enjoy the scenery and drink Long Islands.

    Sowbelly :D
  2. Haven't been on any cruises. But Congrats to you and DA Mouse.

  3. catking

    catking Banned

    Hey Pot Belly !!! I hope you and DA MOUSE have a great time. Better enjoy it now. I have a feeling when the little sowbelly/mouse arrives, the days of sunnin in the south are over for awhile :D . Seriously, you two youngsters have a GREAT TIME !!! And take some pics please.THE CATKING
  4. BuckeyeBoy

    BuckeyeBoy A Fool waiting on a jerk

    I will heading down to the same places on a cruise in November. Let me know what you think about it. Have a great time! :D
  5. Never been on a cruise but was in Mexico a few years ago and went out for a half day fishing. We were about 50 miles south of Cancun and we only had to go about a half mile off shore to fish. It was a 4 hour trip from dock to dock and we were fishing for 3 hours and 50 minutes! It was great. Only cost about 50 bucks and we hit a school of dorado in the last half hour, talk about a blast!! Took a piece of the fish back to the resort and the chef fixed it up for my bro and i for lunch!!:D Talk about GOOD! Have a great trip.
  6. I've been to Cozumel and Grand Cayman.

    We didn't care for Grand Caymen much. The people were extra pushy (darn right rude) and of course it is crowded. We took a guided tour of the island and it is a very beautiful island with nice scenery. After the tour we took a taxi out to the edge of town to an upscale hotel. We paid the guy working the hotel gate $10 and he let us on the hotel's private beach. (the taxi man was in cohoots with the hotel guy)
    It was great - there was only 2 other couples on a private 2 mile stretch of beach. We only had 2 hours, but it was nice.
    By the way - you have to take a watercoach in to Cayman; the ships can not dock because it is too shallow. Instead they anchor down a couple miles of shore. The watercoach ride can be a lot of fun if it is rough :)

    Cozumel is awesome! You'll dock right at shore and enter the mainland via a large duty-free mall. ( bought 3 one liter bottles of Crown for $45) From there you'll have your choice of beachfront bars. You have to walk through an area of little shops to get into town. You will be hassled by every store to come in and buy something. Silver is extremely cheap; it is mined right there. Nothing has a price tag - everything is negotiable. I got things very cheap. (Leave; they won't let you!) If you make it into town you can visit the famous Senour Frogs (sp?) bar.

    We took an eco kayak adventure through the rain forest that was AWESOME! We drove all the way through town to the other side of the island in a taxi. The paved roads end at the edge of town, so you get a "mexican massage" all the way through the jungle. :D Then we took a boat to a floating dock. From there we paddeled our 2 man yaks into a canal filled with wildlife. You have to stay completely silent not to disturb the delicate ecosystem. We saw birds, fish, and even small gators. The tour ends by paddeling across a 2 mile bay to paradise island where lunch was prepared on the beach, along with a tequila sunrise or 5! :D There's a large bar on the island, clothing is optional and it has the nicest beach I've ever seen. We caught a boat back to the mainland (depressing to leave that island man!) It was like what I envision heaven to be. :)

    Sorry to ramble on about the details of my trip! There are lots of things to do. One of the most popular events is swimming with the rays. We are looking into booking another cruise for 05.

    Have a great time - you'll love every minute of it!
  7. If you want secluded beautiful beaches give St John a try. Went there on my honeymoon in 2000 and it was amazing. You have to take a boat from St Thomas to get there and there because there is no airport and there is only one dock. Most of the island is national park and there are no mega resorts, just some small condo units and private homes and villas to rent. There are a ton of beaches all the way around the island and when you go to one you park out along the road and walk to the beach through the jungle so when you get to the beach all you can see if the jungle and the beach, AMAZING! Its like a desserted island and most of the time my wife and I were the only 2 people on the beach, the most was maybe 10 people. There are a handfull of places to eat and a few bars in town that were all great. We went to St Thomas for a day visit and just couldnt wait to get back to the quiet peacefullness of St John. There is no dock for cruise ships so if people go from a ship at St Thomas they have to take another boat over to St John so it doesnt get really crowded. Here is where we stayed AWSOME place. We spent a lot of time at this place it was a blast. here is a good picture of one of the beaches
  8. captnroger

    captnroger OGF Webmaster

    My wife and I honeymooned in Cozmel, definately recommend you:

    1.) take a snokel trip, the waters there are full of fish and it's crystal clear
    2.) Visit this place called <something> Frogs. It's a tourist dive bar, but it's fun and the drinks are big
    3.) Stay AWAY from the local restraunts. I got sick as a dog eating at one place that looked like a quality joint, and it ruined the last 2 days of our honeymoon and took me 3 additional days to get over after I got home. The sickest I've been in my LIFE.
  9. sowbelly101

    sowbelly101 Keep'n It Reel

    Ill be sure to look out for senor frogs, went there in the bahamas and had some fine drinks... we are going to honduras too and the mother in law does dental missions down there and has some friends so were going to get to go out and yak around the reefs , snorkel and maybe do a little fishing.

    twistertail, I will have to say st johns is an awsome place. we did the ferry ride over and got married on a beach, i think it was called hawks nest or something like that.

    Captn, when i first read your reply i thought you said ya got sick from eating dog, man im glad i read it again and cleared things up..

    Thanks again for all the info. See ya in a week, im sure there will be plenty of pictures to share.

    have a good week, and keep your rods bent!!!!!