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  1. My wife is interested in shooting a bow for 3d and target only. Thinking two birds with one stone here (not sure how long she will be interested)...I would like to get something my son can possible use when he is old enough. Anyone do any shopping around for their son or daughter and are you happy with your purchase?

    I was at Gander Mtn and they have some Parker Bow kit (sidekick I think) and the sights, rest and quiver was pretty cheap. I would prefer to just buy the bow and add ons seperately. Must have adjustable draw length.
  2. ive seen that the parker as you already know comes in the starter pack,pse also has a decent youth bow but for the money and since u want the bow to last for your son check out the matthews line im sure you will find what you are looking for in this bow..

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  4. bowtech does make a very nice bow, but I am a mathews man. Take a look at that article that procraft put on his post. It rates the bow with an IBO of 256-262fps. The mathews mustang, one of their youth bows is rated at 280fps IBO. Regardless, I wouldn't waste my time on a youth bow. If you want your wife to shoot it, then possibly your son when he gets older, look around. Most adult bows can be bought with a 50 pound pull, which can be tuned down to 40 pounds(state minimum for hunting). As well, with most adult bows, draw length gets down around 26" or lower and can be modified by replacing a cam. With Mathews and bowtech alike, you are going to pay a pretty good chunk of money, but you'll be getting a quality bow that will last a long time. Hope this helps!
  5. After doing alot of research I have narrowed by search down to Bowtech Equalizer and the Mathews Mustang. I am trying not to be too narrow minded being I shoot a Mathews, but ultimately it is her decision so she has to be comfortable with whatever she shoots. I do not think I will buy a beginner bow like the Genesis or Rascal though.
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    I have a Hoyt Rebel XLT bow I am looking to sell with everything that goes with it. I bought an Xbow 3 years ago and have not used it but twice since... real nice condition... let me know if your interested.
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    Look into the BowTech Equalizer, or the Diamond Edge. The Equalizer is the faster of the 2, and has a somewhat aggressive draw cycle with the Binary cams, and is an awesome 3-D bow. It can go up to 60lbs, and a 27.5" draw. You can get the Edge, which will cover draw weights from about 18 to 50lbs, and it has a single cam and comes as a package. I would recomend aftermarket accessories on the Edge though, the ones that are included in the package are kind of cheap IMO, but it is also a great bow...I bought one for my son last year, and it will be passed down to my daughter.:) Good luck in your search.;)

    You can see both bows here.
  8. The Equalizer is a very fast bow with a decent brace height (71/4"). Hardly any handshock and well balanced. Here's what it can do with a 280gr arrow, 48lbs, 26" draw :)