BEE'S BEE'S BEE'S need some ideas

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    Ok last time i mowed i got stung 2 times in the ankle iam not allergic but when i get stung i swell up and it dosent' feel good last time had to get some meds from doc.

    Anyway the boy was mowing last night and found the spot he got stung once and wife got stung once.

    I have two holes in the ground by an old stump and you can see them swarming around the holes this morning.

    Whats my options. Late night gas dump and a match, garden hose at night stuck in the hole?

    Remember i live in town iam thinking about the gas option.

    what are everyones ideas.
  2. I would go with the as in the early morning or late evening when the most bees are in there .

  3. I would go with the evening diesel and a match. It wont explode(for lack of a better term) like gas but it works well.
  4. misfit

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    gas.the nest probably isn't too deep and gas will probably do them in even without the match.gas is my favorite for spraying's instant death when it makes contact.
  5. seven dust. throw a handfull on the hole. When they go back into the hole they will take the seven dust into the nest and kill everthing.
  6. If you don't want to do the gas method (which I can't blame you if you live in town;) ) then you may try a duster and coat the area around the holes with Sevin dust. They will track that back into the nest and contaminate the rest in effect killing them all. The other plus to this option is that you will not end up with a dead spot in the yard.;)
  7. You beat me to it.:D:D
  8. I tend to wait to night, then use a acouple of cans foaming yellow jacket killer. Tends to work well.
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    yup i'd go wit sevin dust-it will do just as they said.
  10. The problem with a lot of those is they are contact killers and thus only get the ones you see whereas the Sevin or Drione will be carried into the nest are and infect all of the bees including the most important one, the queen bee.
  11. misfit

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    seven dust will do it,but i think it will work more slowly.another good option for quick kiklls is a good bee spray shot into the hole(in the evening).one that shoots a stream will let you keep your distance and should koll very fast.
  12. My parents dealt with a nest that was in underneath of their water garden for quite some time and they had tried the direct contact method but they were unable to get back in to see the nest. Every attempt had minimal impact until they dusted. It does not take a great deal of dust. If you can see the hole(s) then simple coat the entrances with the dust. They will track it back in for you.
  13. I believe the Sevin will begin killing in a day or two. It may take a bit longer for all of them to come in contact with it but I think we saw a difference in 1 or 2 days.
  14. You will find it in most stores that carry bug sprays, pesticides etc. The correct spelling for it is Sevin.
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    but the gas is way more fun i had a big one in the yard and soaked it with a galon of gass waited a few min and lit it 2x3 crater in the yard the ground sunk a foot or 2 then just filled it in and planted grass
  16. Sevin won't kill as quickly as Drione but it still works to kill the entire colony (eventually). About 3 yrs ago I bought a 1 gal jug of Drione dust and a squeeze bottle applicator. This stuff is amazing...a small amount applied at the entrance wipes out every last yellow jacket within 24 hrs.

    Lets get some advice down pat; Everyone that gets stung always gets stung by a BEE? RIGHT?
    2nd. Yellow Jackets are Hornets, they look like Bee's but, are black bodied
    & yellow., Capable of multiple stings.
    3rd. Bee's only have 1 thing in mind is to gather pollen for their brood, &
    nectar for the hive. Screw with them in the hive, well, get ready for a
    sting or 100.
    or ? Maybe more. Leave it alone they won't bother you.
    4th. Yellow jackets will protect their NEST & even a close vibration to the nest can turn them on. People have died from multiple sting doing what your family does. Consider yourself fortunate no one has any allergies.

    I've been a Bee Keeper (hobby) for over 12 years & know a little about them. My suggestion is to use a Wasp/Hornet spray after DARK & just flood the opening (as posted). This will keep any that are trying to escape, as posted earlier; INSTANT DEATH, & prevent any from getting to you. Then wait a day or 2 to watch the progress of the nest. DO IT AGAIN! Cover up the hole. If you then want to saturate the nest do what ever it takes.

    Also during the late Summer & Fall EVERYONE is always trying to swat at those flying critters that are landing on your food & drinks. THEY ARE YELLOW JACKETS. Bees wont come aroud you, cause they are not attracted to food ONLY FLIES & HORNETS.

    Hope this brief Nature tale was a learning curve from everyone out there?
  18. misfit

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    you're right.he probably knew that,but as you mentioned,many people just refer to them as bees since one syllable is easier and faster to pronounce:D ;)
    good info in the post.
    living and spending many years in the "country",i've had my share of run-ins with wasps,"bees",hornets,jackets and would much rather get zapped by a yellow jacket.luckily i'm not allergic to them like i am hornets:)
    i've been stung by yellow jackets on more occasions than i can count.sometimes well over a dozen at daughter got nailed over 20 times at once on on occasion when she was about 8 years old.hurt a little,but no serious harm.they're no more irritating than a skeeter bite to nailed by a hornet one time and damned near died:eek:
    i steer clear of those suckers as much as possible.i feel for people with allergies.that's one good reason for killing those things with the quickest method possible when a nest is found.