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Been long couple days, Merry Christmas everyone

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Fish4Fun, Dec 25, 2004.

  1. Fish4Fun

    Fish4Fun Relaxing.

    Well like others we lost power late wed early thur morning 3am, Just got it back Christmas morning at 3am. Luckily we could go to my dads and i was able to keep the house warm using neighbors generator that he keep my furnace pluged into. We got buddy of mines generator friday morning and had the house going some but man no electric sucks. So merry christmas and hope the rest that have no power are ok.
  2. traphunter

    traphunter Guest

    We had no electric from wednesday evening to Sunday afternoon. We also had little water.

  3. Electric? What is that? It has been so long since I have had it I forget what it is like.:rolleyes:

    Ours went off early Thursday morning and still has not come back on. (I am at work now) I could not get anyone to talk to at the power company which is not much of a surprise. But now they have on their recording that they hope to have 90% of those still affected restored by Thursday 12/30 and the rest by 12/31. So I am not expecting anything to happen too soon.

    I went out of the house Thursday morning and swore that WWIII had just happened in my backyard. I have so many branches laying in my yard that you literally have to climb through in areas. I guess mother nature decided to top all of my trees for me.

    The weather did really screw up plans for us and many others but I am thankful that it did no damage to our property other than losing tree tops. I realize that the power company is working tails off to clean up and I am thankful for their effort. Unfortunately many of them did not get to enjoy Christmas at all.
  4. Merry Christmas Gents!

    We were lucky. Only went without power here for about 7 hours Thursday morning (early). Lots of tree damage, though-but luckily I live next door to a guy that works for the power company;-).
    Brian-as you said, they are still trying to restore power to many people around the area. There are line crews from states including New York, W.VA, MI, and as far away as Montana working in the area! A couple of the guys I talked to said they have been sleeping in their trucks and working very long hours.
    A warning to you if you are cleaning up limbs-there are still a lot of broken limbs still falling so stay alert. My brother was cleaning up roads (part of being Township Trustee) and took one on the noggin. Possible concussion-but I don't think it will affect anything! :) If we get any wind before this ice melts we will be in for power outages again, maybe more extensive than the round one :-(

  5. I agree that I have been holding my breath and hoping that we get a warm spell to melt the ice from the branches before any winds hit. I saw a lot of branches laying on wires and probably are not causing any problem...yet. It just would not take much to change that.

    I know what you mean about the branches still coming down. I am putting my cleanup off for a while and that is one of the reasons. Thursday I had the boys helping me get some firewood brought in the house and I told them several times to stay out from under the trees. While we were out there there was probably a half dozen that came down. I heard one cracking and it sounded like it was right above me so I ran like crazy. It runed out to be on the other side of the tree. But even what appears to be a small branch can pack quite a whallop when it is covered in nearly an inch of ice.:eek:

    I sure wish I was lucky enough to have a neighbor that worked for the power company. I have a suspicion that I may be an isolated outage and if so I am sure I will go low on the list. Everyone north of us got their power back yesterday. The neighbor to the south of me either had power last evening or was running on generator. No offense to him but I hope that it was a generator.;) Unfortunately his phone must be out because I have not been able to contact him today.