Been a rotten week

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  1. I got up early Saturday morning and was feeling pretty good. So I drove over to Dayton (140 miles) to the Goodman Gunshow with intentions to stop by Wilmington Pro Show on the way home. Well, got to Goodmans and after walking around a few minutes I started feeling "Bad", didn't think I would be able to walk across the 2 parking lots to the truck. Got home and laid down for a while and started hurting thru shoulders and back. About midnight Saturday night chest started hurting BAD, went to ER, had several tests and they still could tell me nothing so I signed out, DUMB, DUMB. Sunday and Monday still felt terrable. Monday evening about dark it hit again much harder this time in chest. Back to ER again, this time they kept me, thank god it was only a mild heart attack. Had to stay in hosp 2 nights and have to go back for cathater. I learned a good lesson from this, no matter how much you dislike hospitals never sign yourself out of an ER.
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    glad your still with us! always trust your first instincts.

  3. great to hear they caught it. get well soon.
  4. Nice hear you're doing ok.

    By the way, how many years young are ya?
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    LOL.i'm glad the docs all talked me out of doing that.after insisting i was leaving several times they said i most likely wouldn't live more than a couple days:eek:
    i guess the next 8 days in there wasn't really all that bad afterall:D
    especially since i've lasted almost another 8 years since:)
    had a heart attack on the job about 3-4 years before that and never went to the er.knocked me right off my up and it hit again.that is real pain.finally had my helper take me home.took several days to get right.
  6. thanks for the get well wishes, I'm almost 63,,,This was my second one,plus a couple the dr.'s said may have been attacks, stints were put in several years ago. Kind of odd, the first one didn't involve a lot of pain. This one felt like someone beat me with a sledge hammer in the back, worst pain I have ever known.
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    Glad to see you are still around also. I work in a VA Clinic and we have a lot of guys come in the same way. Now that you know don't take any chances in the future those grandson's are counting on you.
  8. glad to hear you still with us. Trust your instincts.
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    glad you got on top of it deadwood and thanks for the eye opener.
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    I'm glad to hear your okay Deadwood. :B
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    Ditto glad your doing better and thanks for telling like it is guys.... If I stay in this corporate crap much longer this will be useful information!

    For once I am not joking and I sincerely appreciate your sharing your experiences.

    Thank you
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    I can relate what your going through. I JUST got over the same thing.( 3 days ago) Been a long month but all is good now. I had the catheter done Thursday and got a clean bill of health. Man what a relief that was. I have to take it easy for a little longer then he said I could get back to normal.
    Being a Medic for several years I know the time to get help. I went as soon as I suspected something was wrong and for doing that I prevented any serious damage.
    My diet will change and exercise is in my future for a long time. Listen to what they tell you and you'll be fine. If it mean a stint, or even surgery get it done. You'll be around a long time if you do. Glad thing are going better now for you.