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    I just wanted to give everyone the "heads up" that Beef O'Brady's (right next to the Gander Mountain in Twinsburg) is NOW a great option for a place to meet for anyone looking for a place to hold seminars or just want to have a special get together.
    Rob and I met the owner the other night when we were there celebrating Rob's birthday. His name is Ryan...and guess what??? He is an outdoorsman himself and really enjoys hunting :)
    Beef O'Brady's is a brand new facility, and can accomodate anything from a small private party of up to 25 (in the private conference room) or if done before his "typical" business hours, he is willing to open up his entire restaurant for his fellow outdoorsman to hold seminars, or just meet up for a social occasion.
    He has all the hi-tech big screen projectors, and Hi Def televisions that you could hook your computer up to for visuals aids.
    He said he'd even come in and prepare and serve breakfast if that is what wanted. :)
    Ryan is obviously very excited about getting involved with the local Outdoors Community, as his flexibility and generousity show.
    So next time you stop at the Twinsburg Gander Mountain, make sure you walk across the parking lot (maybe 300 feet) and stop by Beef O'Brady's to meet Ryan.
    If you are interested in talking to Ryan about the use of his Restaurant for a seminar or get together, you can PM me here with a request for his contact information.

    Seriously....Where else can you basically rent a "banquet room" that has all the bells & whistles, creature comforts, and great food and service for free? lol...not only that...but it is right next to Gander Mountain!!!!! Can it get much better? :D
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    And ............. they have BIG BUCK HUNTER !! (video game) ....... BOY HOWDY