Bedding Areas

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  1. If you are having trouble finding bucks in the woods still hunting you may want to head for the bedding areas. After a long rut, the first thing a buck wants to do is eat and then sleep. If you have a good food source and a bedding area close by walk through it and you have a pretty good chance of getting one out of there. Where I hunt, I avoid the bedding areas all bow season because some very large bucks will sneak into there and hopefully walk by me (although now they have found a way around me). The last 5 years in a row after sitting in my tree stand for 6 hours and not seeing a buck on my way out of the woods I have walked through a thicket full of 8' tall prickers and briars and have kicked at least one deer out each time. A few times I have done it just to see if they were in there and 2 years ago I set my brother up on one side of the thickett and I went walking through. I got a button buck and he missed an 8-pointer. On Monday I did the same routine and kicked up a monster just to get the crap scared out of me and by the time I could shoulder my gun he was long gone. I really am not a fan of putting on drives but as a last resort I always push this thickett. I walk right by it to get to my stand and I swear they are just watching me get out of my truck and into my treestand as I walked 25 yards away from the one on Monday. On the way back to the car I vear off and was only 10 yards away from this buck when he shot out like an arrow. Very exciting.
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    Personally I'de advise new hunters to stay away from areas like that, and hunt the perimeter's of them. Deer are creatures of habit, and the second someone starts changing where they move to and fro from is when things start getting even more complicated. That's not to say hunting bedding areas isn't a good choice, but personally I try to stay clear of'em.

  3. They will come right back if you only go in there once. They are not going to change their route because they got flushed out once. Also, if you get one you wont have to worry about it.
  4. If you are doing any kind of QDM you need to let the deer have their sanctuary...a place where they can go any time and NEVER run into humans. Heavy bedding areas is one place I will never step foot into. If the buck is tired and needs to eat then sleep.....your best bet it to try and get him coming or going. For the wise big old COULD very easily only take a one time encounter and they will be gone.