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  1. I would like to know what is takes to become a pro.
    I would like to eventually do this professionally, someday. I'd like to know how to get started, pretty much everything. I'm not sure if I'd be able to run the walleye touneys and bass touneys at same time, Or one or the other. Is there anyone else I should talk to on there boards?
    Also, What other sites do you members recommend?

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    Well, the first thing is you have to learn how to catch fish under a variety of circumstances. Do you have that part down pat yet?


  3. I do for the most part.
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    Can you do a god job promoting sponsors? Sponsors want their money's worth and more out of an angler.
  5. I would stand up for anyone who sponsor me and their products. How else would you promote your sponsors? I do know that you advertize their name/product on shirts and your boat, use thier products.
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    Alot more to it than that.
    Its not a easy road, if it was everyone would be doing it. Theres guys alot better than you and me togehter that wouldnt stand a chance on the circuit. If you are serious you need to get a resume , and well have something to put in it?
    Do you have a boat, if not have you fished tournaments as a non boater, have you won or placed in any tourneys? If not this is where you need to start. Get several years under your belt with some tourny winnings and if its still your dream,then approach sponsers. Still doesnt mean they wil sponser you
  7. That's what I mean!! What's the steps? I'd like to start from bottom on up. That's the info I'm trying to get. Are there any college classes that need to be taken? (biology, marketing ect.)

    Orlando, I'd rather start Local/Regional First.
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    Join a local bass club
  9. What local ones are there?
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    Go for the deuce ;)
  11. What's the duece? Both of them at once?
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  13. There are two organizations here in Ohio, The Ohio Bass Federation (flw affiliated) AND The Ohio Bass Federation Nation which is B.A.S.S. affiliated. Within these two organization there are Bass clubs which are affiliated with them. Both organizations have websites and a list of clubs affiliated. Look for a club in your area and make contact with them. Right now is pretty much the middle of the season for tournaments but most accept new members anytime. Ask lots of questions because there are different tournament formats for these organizations that you must fish and qualify for. This will take time! Along the way you can build a resume, corrispond with potential sponsors at tackle shows and seminars, but most of all, learn how to sell yourself and be able to shows these potential sponsors what you can do for them while you're out there fishing tournaments and competing at the tournament level. This will not be an overnight thing and being good at fishing is only a very small part of the picture. Start with finding and joining a club. Hope this helps.
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    Don't automatically assume that a pro-angler has to fish Bass tournaments. There are several species.
  16. I was thinking I'd take up either Bass or Walleye.