Beaver Creek???

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  1. Hey all... I've read that Beaver Creek is great for smallies and rock bass, but I've never been there. Anyone on here have the lowdown? My friend and I have it as a potential destination for one of our fishing excursions this year, would most likely camp at the state park there in East Liverpool. We don't have a canoe/rafts so we're looking for a good place where wading is accessible.
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    i went down there last summer. i believe it is all pretty much wadable. i plan on making a few trips out that wayagain this year.

  3. There are some sections that are wadeable. The river near the grist mill in the state park is generally pretty shallow and flat. This past weekend my dad and I canoed/fished the stretch from Grimms Bridge (Calcutta) to the Ohio River, and some sections would have been wadeable, but there are several much deeper sections, and several Class I and II+ rapids in that stretch. It's a gorgeous place to fish, and the smallies get big there thanks to a nice 15" slot limit. Good luck!
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    Echo Dell, Spruceville and Grimms Bridge are all excellent places to wade. The state park rents canoes at the park office. There are also many campsites to choose from
  5. Thanks for the info! Are all the campsites run through the state park office?
  6. yep great place for smallies.. also if u find a big deep pool i have caught saugeye,sauger,smallies,crappie,and white bass in them.. But as for the smallies there usually found in small pools or behind eddies.
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    last year i caught two nice sauger last year just south of the park (15+").
  8. The water can get pretty clear in spots. You can see the variety of fish and can be right on top of them with a kayak. I spot fished for some giant sauger with no luck but did catch many catfish that took the yak for a ride.
    A very fun place to fish.
  9. Thanks again for all the info! We're thinking of going there mid-June. Does anyone know if this is good time of year to fish there?
  10. At what flow/gauge height does the creek fish? I'm thinking about heading down there midweek for some C&R smallie fishing.

    Thanks in advance
  11. I heard that if you canoe to the Ohio River you will be in PA and need a non-resident license. They also have a bass season that might not be in.

    I need to get down there as I live just a couple of miles away now at Lake Tomahawk, but the weather has been lousy.
  12. Fished it Monday at 900 cfs and 4.2 on the gauge. Water had a slight stain, but stick with bright colors and lots of vibration/noise, and you should be alright. We didn't slay 'em, but caught about 6 2-lbers in an 8 mile float. Good luck!
  13. Thanks for the info, tmerk. We'll probably head down there Wednesday if the current conditions hold. I'll post a report.

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  14. I assisted with an electrofishing demo at the park w/ the mill about 10 years ago. The variety and quality of fish was on par with a coupple of the good Lake Erie tribs. You could see the influence of species from The Ohio River as well as the typical small stream type comunites.

    A big added bonus is the chance to observe big helbender salamanders (endangered species) if you flip some rocks and get lucky.
  15. When the creek joins the Ohio River you are in Pa. The creek is a great place to catch creek chubs also. Also it's one of the top copperhead waters in the state of Ohio. When the sun is shining on the rocks they will be laying out. Be real careful flipping rocks looking for hellgramites and salamanders.