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Beaver Creek upground

Discussion in 'Northwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by River Walker, Jun 13, 2004.

  1. Does anyone have any info on Beaver Creek upground by Clyde? I drove by there today,and it really looked good.I talked to one guy that was fishing there and he said it has a pretty good walleye population.The signs posted say that you can't fish after sunset though,that's a bummer.
  2. I fish Beaver Creek Reservoir almost every weekend. I live less than 3 miles from the place. :)
    It does have a good walleye population.
    Now is the time to catch the eyes on top water baits(spooks, floating rapala's and A's) fished over the weed beds. A lot of fun. :)
    Early in the morning or late in the evening works best from shore.

    I fished the reservoir Saturday from about 5:00 in the evening untill 9:00.
    Was trolling Shad Raps and Mayfly rigs ended up with only 3 eyes, two 18-20 inches and one on a Rap just over 30 inches. The 30 is the biggest I have ever caught out of this reservoir.
    Caught 2 eyes and 5 bass and 2 cats this morning on a Husky Jerk fishing over the weedbeds.

    If you like to catch Crappies, some of the guys that fish for them are catching them on minnows with the bobber set at 6 - 10 ft.
    Small tub's will work in the early morning and late evening, white is the colour most folks use.

    The bass are up in the riprap lookin to spawn, the same with the cats.

    You can fish Beaver Creek Res. at night, I do it all the time. The cat fishermen will be there from dark till daylight. Please read the sign again, the after dark rules do not apply to fishermen.

    The res. is 5 ft deep on the S-E corner to 36 ft. deep in the conservation pools. There is a long dropoff that runs from the east side (by the boat dock) almost to the west side. It drops from about 17ft to 32 ft and does it very quickly. the eye's kinda like this spot in mid summer.

    I have fished this res. from day one, when the DNR guys let people fish it for the first time in the early 70"s, it my not be the best place in Ohio to fish but it sure isn't a bad place to fish.

  3. Thanks for the info BP,I'll try to hit it tomorrow morning,or Tuesday morning.Have you ever had any luck from a boat at night on the eyes'?
  4. Try trolling crankbaits on the flats (south shore) and edge of the rip-rap on any shore. As on most of the upgrounds, the wind blown side is often times the best.
    If you use live bait, slip bobbers and worms or leeches will work. Fish them just off the shore in about 14 ft of water, get your bait close to the rocks.

    At night the eyes in this res. will move into the weeds and rocks looking for baitfish.

    Good Luck and have fun.